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Rise of Fascism

No description

Brad Coulter

on 28 March 2018

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Transcript of Rise of Fascism

Rise of Fascism
A belief that the Race of the nation is better than other Races
Military Agression
The idea that the government should conquer other countries
Ruled by a Dictator
One leader who has complete
control of the nation
Adolf Hitler
Immediately began a rapid economic recovery program
Benito Mussolini
Emperor Hirohito
Becomes Emperor of Japan 1926 after the death of his father
Quickly made the military stronger and invaded Manchuria in 1931
Continued fighting in Asia and went to war with China to expand the empire
Axis Powers
These three Fascist leaders would make up the Axis Powers and be the aggressors who start World War II
What is Fascism? 5 Keys
No Individual Rights
The nation is all that matters not the invidual or their rights (like free speech, religion or press)
Extreme Nationalism
A determination to build up the
nation's power and Glory
3 Major Fascist Leaders
Mussolini formed the Italian Fascist Party
In 1922 he marched on Rome with an army of "Black Shirts" to seize power
Named Prime Minister of Italy
Wanted to reform the Roman Empire
Conquered Ethiopia/Parts of North Africa in 1935
Fought in World War One for Germany
Failed "Coup de'tat" led to his arrest in 1923 where he wrote Mein Kampf
Created the Nazi Party and Elected to Chancellor of Germany in 1933
In 1934 made himself Fuhrer (Dictator)
Germany begins taking back territories lost in WWI
Previously in Germany
Germany has been hit by a terrible Great Depression
They owe hundreds of billions to the allies
Hyperinflation has caused widespread unemployment, homelessness and starvation
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