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Slam Poems

No description

Austin Hudgins

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Slam Poems

It is a competitive type of poetry were the poems are not just read they are performed. It is usually judged by a member of the audience instead of having a group of judges. It was started by a construction worker and poet named Marc Smith in 1986 and it became big in the 1990s.
What is Slam poetry
By Austin Hudgins and Ryan Whiting
Slam Poems
Why Slam Poetry
Slam poetry lets the poet express their opinion through their tones, body expressions. It let the viewers/ listeners really know how you feel about the subject.

Examples of Slam Poetry
What are These Poems About?
Tom Hanks
Full House
Marshall Davis Jones
Touch Screen
Dylan Garity
Rigged Game
Alex Dang
What Type of Asain Are You?
Full House By. Tom Hanks
- It is a parody of the show full house, created by ABC studios. Describes what the characters are known for and how they act.
What are These Poems About?(Continued)
Touch Screen By. Marshall Davis Jones
- It is about how the world is changing and how people make more contact, friends, and hold convesations via phones and internet than actually talking to people via face to face.
Rigged Game By. Dylan Garity
- it is about how the school system does not teach students correctly, because everyone learns differently and it is not fair to students to all be taught the same way
What kind of asian are you? By. Alex Dang
- It is about how people stereotype him and call him names because of his skin color or the way he looks and how it affects him.
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