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Digital Citizenship (Students)

No description

Michael Cini

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Digital Citizenship (Students)

What does it mean to be a.... GOOD DIGITAL CITIZEN? What does it mean to be an... AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN? As an Australian Citizen, we have certain responsibilities and a range of privileges (rights). As an Australian Citizen, we enjoy living in a free and democratic society. what YOU give to Australia Responsibilities Privileges (Rights) what Australia gives YOU obey the law defend Australia should the need arise serve on a jury in a law of court, if called to do so vote in federal and state (territory) elections and in a referendum As an Australian Citizen you must... As an Australian Citizen you are entitled to... vote in federal and state (territory) elections and in a referendum apply for work in the Australian Public Service or in the Australian Defence Force seek election to the Australian Parliament possess an Australian passport so that you can re-enter our country freely receive help from Australian officials when you're overseas claim Australian citizenship by descent, if your children are born overseas So... Q. What does it mean to be
a GOOD Digital Citizen? A. Someone who uses technology in legal, safe, ethical and appropriate and responsible ways. A History Lesson... Behind the News http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3307599.htm Digital Footprints
Your Digital What are some ways that your
digital footprint can grow? Does this video contribute to a positive or negative digital reputation? Why? Justin Bieber's first YouTube appearance 39 135 652 views 42 948 332 views Star Wars Kid Does this video contribute to a positive or negative digital reputation? Why? Maria Aragon 55 244 667 views Does this video contribute to a positive or a negative digital reputation? Why? Charlie Bit my Finger 511 746 721 views Does this video contribute to a positive or a negative digital reputation? Why? online auctions and websites
secure websites (https://)
in-app purchases
SMS premium services Digital Commerce Digital Access school and home
young and old
urban and remote
people with disabilities
people with learning needs e-mail
mobile phones
video calls (e.g. Skype / Facetime)
text Messaging (SMS)
social networking (e.g. Facebook) Digital Communication Digital Literacy using technology to learn
learning to use technology Digital Etiquette no cyber bullying
no threats, gossip or nasty language
no mobile phones in class, church, dinner table or movie cinema Digital Law pirating movies, video games and music
copying other people's work (plagiarism)
identity theft (passwords or phishing) Digital Rights When online, we have the right to... be respected
be and feel safe
have fun Digital Responsibilities When online, we are responsible for... reporting scary content
reporting bullies
following our school policy (Acceptable Use Agreement)
managing our screen time
respecting others
keep ourselves safe online
keeping ourselves private online
educating our parents
acknowledging others' work if we use it Digital Health and Well Being posture when using a computer
screen time
technology addiction
technology and exercise Digital Security keeping safe online don't interact with strangers online
set a strong password (letters & numbers)
keep your password private
don't share personal details online
don't share photos of yourself, family or friends
don't open emails or attachments from unknown people or companies (could be a virus or a scam)
privacy settings
keep virus protection up-to-date Textiety
Phantom ringing syndrome
Binge texting
Post Traumatic Text Disorder
Blackberry Thumb
IAD Can you explain these? making appropriate use of... equal right to access digital information respect others don't break the law online buying and selling online looking after our bodies and minds Reputation talk to your parents
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