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kids with autism and animals

No description

leonardo carrillo

on 24 April 2016

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Transcript of kids with autism and animals

But the main types of animals that are preferred and recommended to be brought around most ASD kids are small quiet types of animals like rats, guineapigs, and bunnys.
On the other hand not all kids adapt well to animals. which is why it is important to take in to consideration your childs sensitivities when choosing an animal to bring in to the house. Bringing a dog into any family is a big step, but for families of children with autism, getting a dog should be a decision that’s taken very seriously, For example, a child who is easily agitated or has sensitivities to noise may have a problem with an extremely hyper dog or one that tends to bark.
kids with autism and animals
The Cock-ups
Studies have shown that kids with autism display a huge drop in anxiety and social stress and they also found that these kids talk, smile, and laugh more and whine, cry, and frown LESS in the presence of animals as compared to engaging in other activities independently or with peers.
Being interactive with animals have also shown to help kids with autism to have better social kills and to build better relationships not just with animals but with people as well since most kids with ASD are not very social with people they do not know since they are "unpredictable"
Overall animals can be a great source of comfort and can be very beneficiary for ASD kids by....
Lowering anxiety and social stress
Help build social skills
Provide emotional support
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