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An In Depth Look at LinkedIn

Part 3 of our 6-Week Social Media Series

Poms & Associates

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of An In Depth Look at LinkedIn

An In Depth Look at LinkedIn
Endorsements allow others to vouch for your skills and areas of expertise.
From your Poms Marketing Team
LinkedIn offers a lot of opportunities to promote yourself but remember:

Don't spam people and try to sell yourself where it is not appropriate, not only will you not make a sale, you will be viewed negatively.
Now go like Poms on LinkedIn:
The most overused buzzwords on LinkedIn are:
1. Problem Solving
2. Organizational
3. Effective
4. Motivated
5. Extensive experience
6. Track record
7. Innovative
8. Responsible
9. Analytical
10. Creative
In our last presentation we talked about the importance of having a Custom URL, here's how you do it.
1. Go to Edit Profile

2. Click on the Edit button right next to your current URL
3. Go to the Your Public Profile URL box on the right and click on Customize Your Public Profile URL

4. Enter the URL you want in the dialog box that pops up

5. If the URL you want is available the Set Custom URL box will turn blue
6. Once you have found a a URL you like, click the Set Custom URL box

7. You now have a custom URL you can easily direct clients to!
1. Think value proposition - how do you provide value? Be as specific as possible, remember "the nicher, the richer"
2. Target audience - whom do you provide value for and who will read this?
3. Unique Selling Point - you are likely to be stacked up against your competitors and you better have your USP in the headline already to stand out
4. Think keywords - pepper your headline with keywords you think people will search for; the more technical terms here, the better
5. Be memorable - your greatest challenge is to be remembered, so be creative and/or funny so your headline sticks with people
Only join groups relevant to you professionally or ones you have a sincere interest in.

Join all alumni groups from your college, its a great way to rebuild connections.

Don't spam group members by joining groups and immediately starting to sell yourself, use this as a networking opportunity to build connections.

Actively participate in group discussions and start a discussion if you have an interesting topic no one has touched on.

If you do start a discussion, don't just disappear after asking your question and let other people answer, respond and engage.

Creating a group can help you gain credibility and greatly expand your network, specially if your content is intriguing and pulls in people from out of your network.
However, you need to have the time and make an effort to keep the members of the group interested.
Include keywords that are related to your industry to help improve your chances of your name appearing in search results.

Try to think like your target clients and focus on the keywords you believe they would search for.

For example, you might use the phrase "Best Commercial Broker in California" while your clients might just search "insurance LA."
Nobody likes spam. Don't be this guy.
Don't be the owner of a dead group, take the time and make the effort to keep your group alive. It will go a long way in making an impact.
This is one of the most important ways to improve your position in LinkedIn's search results - completed profiles are ranked higher than partially finished ones.

If you aren't sure if you've filled out your profile completely, LinkedIn provides a tracker in each profile that shows both the percentage of fields completed and any specific areas that still need information.
An important goal with online networking is to convert connections into paying customers and one way to do this on LinkedIn is to create a unique "call to action."

Promote the links to the Poms LinkedIn page and website - specifically the page of the services you provide.

Give people who come to your page a reason to explore the pages you are promoting.
1. Avoid cliche, hyperbolical keywords. If you say "I'm the Bat Girl of employee benefits," you are doing yourself a huge injustice.

2. Another part of your story is in how you are connected. Having a great network of contacts helps potential clients see how serious you are about insurance.

3. If you link to Twitter or a portfolio website, make sure they are aligned with your professional practices highlighted on your portfolio.

4. Make sure your photo isn't blurry. Look professional! Avoid flashy clothing, jewelry, hats or sunglasses.
Third party endorsements mean much more than anything you put on yourself.

List all your skills in order of importance. There is no limit on how many you can have, so knock yourself out.

Endorse your Poms colleagues so they can return the favor!
1. Thorough
2. Systematic
3. Decisive
4. Capable
5. Driven
6. Substantial
7. Achievements
8. Performance Record
9. Inventive
10. Effective
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