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Michelle Jackson

No description

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Michelle Jackson

Where did Michelle Jackson grow up, and with who??
Micheal Jackson
Michelle Jackson
He grew up with all of his family.. both his mom and dad.He grew up at Gary,Indiana.
What kind of music he perform?
Michelle Jackson died of achute Propofol and Benzedrine
intoxication he died in June 25 2009.
1958-75 (Jackson 5)
1975 (solo career)
1975-81 (move to epic & of the wall)
accused of child sexual abuse ($25 million no charges were brought)
Michael' s albums
Bad (1987)
Thriller (1982)
Micheal (2010)
Of The Wall (1979)
Forever, Micheal (1975)
and a lot more
the characteristics of genre...

pop: loud, new, popular and love
R&B:edgy, romantic, money
Rock: loud death love ect
he won the awards and also the American music award because he got the most down loads than any other artist

Micheal Jackson and his family have helped two very special charity concerts in Tokyo..
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micheal Jackson
His hit song was Micheal Jackson
Personal connection
i don't have one...
My favorite song is You Are Not Alone
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