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Arts & Entertainment PR

PRL 206

Emily Park

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Arts & Entertainment PR

Arts & Entertainment
Public Relations History Remi Maggio
Steffie Marshalina
Emily Park
Ivette Terrazas
Zachary Weiss
Alexandria Yazwinsky Advantages The first recorded use of the term “Public Relations” was in 1807
Arts and Entertainment PR has evolved in unison with the public’s fascination with celebrity culture
2 notable historical figures in arts and entertainment PR
P.T. Barnum
Buffalo Bill Wide variety of clients
Major access to multitude of outlets
Apart of the “in-crowd”
First to see and hear anything new
It can be further specialized CASE STUDY: Rihanna Phineas Taylor Barnum A.K.A, the infamous P.T. Barnum
Known for gross exaggeration, fraudulent stories and staged events
His clients became the first nationally known celebrities
General Tom Thumb
Jenny Lind
Joice Heth William F. Cody Better known as Buffalo Bill
Promoted his traveling show “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders”
The show helped to shape the legends of Annie Oakley and Sitting Bull
Head agent of the show was John Burke
Among the first to used mixed media promotion
Made it possible for the show to be seen by more than 50 million people in over 1,000 cities in 12 countries Disadvantages Negative stigma attached to it
Lots of personalities, dealing with personal lives
Always behind-the-scenes
No separation. Personal life meshes with work, very social.
Ex: Lizzie Grubman
Very little control of a story. It can easily turn out the way you don’t want it to.
Largely due to social media Developing Newsworthy Stories
Hard to Measure Success
Need a Publicist
Inaccurate Message or Storytelling Salary Developments and Projections People always want to be entertained
Becoming easier to break into the industry thanks to the Internet
Ex: Justin Bieber
The definition of celebrity is loose
Ex: Jersey Shore “The public has a fascination with celebrity culture that must be fueled. The arts and entertainment practitioner fuels this fire. The hero is distinguished by his achievement; the celebrity by his image or trademark. The hero created himself; the celebrity is created by media. The hero is a big man; the celebrity is a big name. It is, and will continue to be, the arts and entertainment practitioner’s job to uphold the celebrity’s big name.”
–Daniel Boorstin Special Skills No specific training needed necessarily
83% not credited by the PRSA or IABC
Credentials/skills in order to gain employment vary from client, to business, to firm.
Bachelor's Degree
Internship Experience
Entertainment/Arts Industry
Social Media Proficient •Patience
•Critical thinking
•Thirst for knowledge
•Perceptive/On your toes Special Skills (cont.) Characteristics of Entertainment PR Arts and Entertainment PR, like other PR specializations, uses news releases, they analyze trends, manage relationships and achieve goals with proper communications.
Arts and Entertainment PR major components are publicity and promotion.
Publicity and Promotion make part of a marketing mix, in which promotion is a major player that combines advertising, public relations, sales and sales promotion.
Entertainment PR works with wide a range of organizations such as:
Performing Arts
Opera Companies
Record companies
Motion pictures corporations
Entertainment PR practitioners also need to know how to work with social media and event planning. What Differentiates Arts & Entertainment PR Arts & Entertainment industry plays a very dominant role in our society
Deals with an audience that needs to be managed sensitively
Must study particular ways of journalist and editorial aspects of publication
Works with a variety of personalities and different clients
Has access to a media list with a variety of different artists
"Drip-drip-drip approach" a technique used to publicize a new film What Differentiates Arts & Entertainment PR (cont.) Always maximizing media attention both before and after the production of a museum show, film, or performance
Award ceremonies
Tools used to reach specific target populations of film critics, industry stakeholders, and the audiences
The bigger the client or firm is can really determine how high the publicist's salary can be Disadvantages (cont.)

Only 44% receive performance-related bonuses
Over 80% of practitioners have
Medical Plan
Dental Plan
Research Since her 6th album release of "Loud" in August 2011, coverage of Rihanna has been largely focused on her rocky relationship with Chris Brown.

The release of her 7th album, "Unapologetic", and its accompanying media coverage were to be used as the media's queue to return to covering Rihanna's music rather than her personal life. R.A.C.E: Analysis Goals Achieve highest possible sales for Rihanna's 7th album, "Unapologetic" Objectives Plan both long-lead and short-lead media coverage of Rihanna's music and performances to coincide with the release of her new album, with a particular emphasis on her femininity and independence to draw attention away from her relationships and personal life Audience Consumers of...
Top 40 music
Popular culture
Women's interest news Problem Statement R.A.C.E: Communication Execution Long-Lead Media Short-Lead Media: The 777 Tour Appearances/Performances The Schedule Nov 7th: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Performance

Nov 8th: Facebook Live Stream

Nov 10th: SNL Performance

Nov 11th: MTV European Music Awards Performance

Nov 13th: Ellen taping, GQ Party appearance

Nov. 14th-20th: 777 Tour

Nov 19th: Album Release, Tree-lighting appearance

Nov 20th: Best Buy Live Stream appearance

Nov 25th: X Factor Performance R.A.C.E: Evaluation Quantifying the Results Debuted at #1 on iTunes
Debuted at #1 on Billboard Charts
Debuted at #1 in UK Release
250,000 copies sold CASE STUDY ? "...in performing arts center, practitioners create ads for center attractions that run in a local paper. They produce brochures and calendars for patrons and series subscribers that display the various attractions; they work with a sales force to develop sales materials for telemarketers who specialize in group sales or series renewals. Sales promotion techniques give the target audience incentives to buy the product... sales promotion techniques include hosting an artists reception". - Robert L. Heath •Title: Publicist- Confidential
•Category: Entertainment Public Relations
•Location/City: Hollywood, CA
•Details: Specialize in product placement, publicity, entertainment marketing, and celebrity seeding, seeking experienced Publicists in LA and NY locations.
•Responsibilities would include:
–Client management
–Press acquisition spanning from print, online, celebrity and TV/Film
–Social Media Management
–Communicate and work with client closely to ensure client fulfillment
– Strong and mutually valuable relationships with editors and contacts key to the industry
– Minimum of 2 to 3 years experience in the Entertainment/Fashion and PR industry
– Bachelor's Degree
– Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word and internet research
– Excellent communication skills both verbally and in written Job Listing View from The Top
•Title: Vice President - Entertainment PR
•Category: PR/Marketing
•Location/City: NY - New York
•One of the top leading full-service PR agencies in NY seeks a Vice President who has solid experience working with entertainment related clientele. This person should have experience working on events with high profile clients. This is a great role for someone who enjoys managing a team and wants to help us build out our entertainment division.
•Primary Responsibilities:
–The ability to develop creative story angles and secure coverage in print, broadcast and online media outlets
–Develop and foster a stellar rapport with current and potential clients
–Develop "out of the box" media strategy campaigns
– Manage several accounts independently with a positive and proactive attitude
–Write press releases, pitch letters, and business plans
•Required Qualifications:
–Solid media relations skills
–8+ years PR agency experience focused on entertainment
–Strong media contacts and excellent writing skills
–Proven ability to create media programs from concept and follow through to placement
–Ability to meet deadlines without sacrificing quality
–Creative and energetic personality
–B.S/B.A in public relations, marketing, business communications or related field Works Cited Works Cited (Cont'd)
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