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Charter School Concepts

No description

Jonathan Chestang

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of Charter School Concepts

Charter School Design
The Achievement Gap; negative social/emotional factors
Frankfort, IL
Harvey, IL
Estimated per capita income in 2011:
Estimated per capita income in 2011:
8,082 married couples with children
2,240 married couples with children
592 single-parent households
4,751 single-parent households
Students meeting or exceeding ISAT:
Students meeting or exceeding ISAT:
Our Vision
To provide this educational option to the most under-served and at-risk
To implement unprecedented social/emotional strategies, that respond to the negative factors responsible for the achievement gap
To pioneer a new, more effective educational program, that significantly increases the efficiency of learning
How will we evolve education?
Innovative use of Technology
Population ~18,000
Population ~25,000
Google Education solutions

Innovative Instruction
Unprecedented Social/Emotional Support
Statistics firmly support that Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & Mentoring programs both increase student achievement.
Each and every student will be assigned a mentor, who will provide extensive social/emotional support and encouragement.
The mentoring staff will support students through one-one-one, small group, and whole class sessions.
Mentors will also collaborate with families to implement academic career plans for their students, as well as, provide direction.
What do we want to do?
Evolve education
Through development of a next generation charter school
Morning meetings
: Teachers and staff meet every morning to discuss objectives. Grade level teams meet as well to discuss and demonstrate lesson delivery.
Connected devices for every student
Pearson Digital Learning & Assessment solutions
Digital classroom management and behavior management solutions
Charter Schools

Innovative, Evolutionary, Academic
The Facts:
Each mentor will serve as a teacher/parent liaison, and classroom dean, ensuring that all are working together for the betterment of the student
We believe there are innovations yet to be made in the areas of
, and the
aspects of education.
Standardized Lessons
: Teachers don't lesson plan for major subjects. School approved lessons are utilized. This decreases variability from room to room, and increases measurability.
Proprietary school/proficiency/classroom management software
Proficiency-based Student Schedules
: Students showing mastery of a lesson are released from class to engage in other enriching activities. Students remaining receive needed attention.
Databased Lesson Assessments
: Students are assessed on each major subject lesson. Assessments results are databased, generating a daily report, which appropriately direct students who didn't get it, just need more practice, or achieved mastery.
Innovative Instruction cont.
Instruction-oriented School Periods
: Each school period allots for four built in segments instruction, practice, assessment, and remediation.
Engagement-oriented School Schedule
: The daily schedule consists of two parts: Learning periods, and Engagement Period (being the later half of the day).
Extended Year-round Schooling
: A year-round school calendar is used, containing more school days than the average school year. Remediation students attend partial days during breaks.
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