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New Yorkers

No description

mari alvarez

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of New Yorkers

This book tells the story of different people with very different stories living in New York at the same time
Tyldy's moment
The Christmas present
Soapy's choice
A walk in amnesia
The memento
It's about a couple who work very hard but they earn very little money. It's Christmas and they want to buy a present each other but they have no money.
Della sells her hair to buy Jim a gold chain for his watch. But she regrets of having cut her hair when she realizes Jim has sold her watch to buy her some combs
It's about a layer who works too hard and gets amnesia. One day he wakes up in a train and he doesn't know who he is so he invents a new name and he spends some days living out of control, until a day her wife finds him and she takes him to a doctor, who helps him to remember his life.
Winter was coming, and Soapy wanted to go to prision because it was warmer than the street
where he lived. So he tried some plans, but his plans failed and he wasn't arrested by the police. He began to walk back home. He remembered happier days. And he decided to change his life and be a new man. But a policeman was looking him and he thougth he wanted to do something bad so he arrested him.
It's about a waitresses who is fat and short and men don't love her.
One day a man kisses her and she belives that men can love her. Some days later the man tells her he was drunk and he didn't want to, so she feels very sad.
Miss Lynnette D'Armande was in an hotel in Broadway when suddenly an actress, friend of her, appears at the door, and tells Lynnette about a man she met in a small village. He man was a Reverend with very refined manners. A month after having met they were engaged and lived very happily, until she realizes the reverend is like all the other man because he has a garter from her when she was in a theater and she goes away
Main characters
Della & Jim: a very poor family
Elwin Belford: a famous layer in New York
Tildy: a waitresses in Bogle restaurant
Rosalie: an actrees in Brodway theaters
Soapy: a poor man who lives in the street
Personal opinion
I like this book because you see in a city there isn't just one story, there are many different people and everyone has his own story
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