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Nuclear Waste Storage in Sandy Mush, NC

No description

Molly Steen

on 5 December 2016

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Transcript of Nuclear Waste Storage in Sandy Mush, NC

Nuclear Waste Storage in Sandy Mush, NC
SM was considered as a storage site in the 1970s, but rejected by the Department of Energy, however it may still be considered
Plate Boundaries
plate tectonics history
When you look at a world map, you can see that the continents appear to have a puzzle-like fit within each other
Mid Atlantic Ridge
The Mid Atlantic Ridge is an underwater mountain range. It is a divergent plate boundary on the floor of the Atlantic. It is one of the longest mountain ranges in the world.
-preferable geology

-fairly low population

-low earthquake/volcano risk

-small population of 1,515

-porous soil

-locals don't agree

-In a popular vacation state
convection currents
The soil in SM is classified as loamy, meaning it is rich, dark, crumbly, and good for growing almost everything.

The volcanic risk in SM is very low,as it is not near a plate boundary. This also lowers the risk of earthquakes significantly.
Matching fossils have been found on far apart continents, where they would not have been able to travel to.
Two plates move away from each other. Typically can cause geysers, like Old Faithful, and earthquakes. Magma rises from beneath the rift
Two plates slide past each other. Many transform boundaries are on the sea floor. Neither plate is rising or sinking
One plate goes under the other and the ocean along the subduction zone has a deep ocean trench. This forms volcanoes and mountains
Two plates collide and rise up. This creates a ridge, which results in mountains. This takes place in the Himalayas.
Modern Data
Today we can use GPS to track the plates movement by placing special equipment at different locations and using satellites to track their movement.
Convection currents are caused by the movement of magma. The magma closer to Earth's core is hotter, and less dense, then the cooler magma that is closer to the Earth's crust. This causes the hotter magma to rise and the cooler magma to sink. This creates a cycle as the cool magma gets warmed by Earth's core and the hotter magma cools, therefore creating a current. The currents in the magma help move Earth's tectonic plates.
The seafloor has magnetic strips which pull either north or south, which could be a cause for continental drift.
SM is near the Duke Energy Asheville Plant and Mcguire Nuclear Station
By Molly & Ellie
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