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Three Skeleton Key

No description

Nicholas Bindeman

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Three Skeleton Key

1 2 3 4 5 1. Expostion: The story takes place at a lighthouse
off the coast of Giuana on an island named Three
Skeleton Key. The main characters are Le Gleo,
Itchoa,and the narrator. The inciting incident is
when the men see the ship coming at them with no crew
onboard. 2. Rising Action: The ship crashes into the large
rocks surrounding the lighthouse and large amounts
of supersized rats come on shore and head to the
lighthouse. 3. Climax: A ship from the mainland arrives, after
seeing that there was no light coming from the
lighthouse the night before. The men on the ship
think the men in the lighthouse were eaten alive
until they see the distress signal. 4. Falling Action: The rescuers return with a fireboat
tugging a barge filled with meat. The rats quickly swim to the meat. The barge is drenched with gasoline, and is set on fire. The rats die when they jump from the boat into the mouths of hungry sharks. 5. Resolution: The men are rescued by a whaleboat. Ithcoua dies from rats bites, the narrator decides to go back to the lighthouse and keep working, and Le Gleo is sent to an insane asylum. Head:The narrator thinks that the unmanned ship is going to crash into the reefs around the island and there is nothing he can do about it. "Yes, and a shame to see that beautiful ship wreck herself. And we're helpless." (Toudouze 1152) Eyes: The narrator is seeing that Le Gleo is slowly
losing his mind and is doing badly. "He threw his head
back and howled, his eyes glazed, a trickle of saliva
running from the corners of his mouth and thining the
blood flowing over his chest." (Toudouze 1158) Mouth: The narrator discovers there are
actually rats on the ship, and is
horrified. "All this time our glasses
were riveted on her, and we suddenly cried out together: 'The rats!'" (Toudouze 1153) Hands: The narrator and his
fellow workers are trying to
create a calmer atmosphere when
they are very scared of the rats
who can eat them alive."Thinking
to calm ourselves and pass the
time, we attempted to count them
but we soon gave up" (Toudouze 1156) Even if you face a difficult situation that looks hopeless,
don't give up because you might prevail in the end. Left foot: The narrator has been on the
Three Skeleton Key island for almost 2 years
before the rats came. "But we liked it there,
my two fellow-tenders and myself-so much so
that, for twenty-two months on end with the
exception of shore leaves, I was greatly
satisfied with the life on Three Skeleton Key." (Toudouze 1150) Right Foot: After recovering from his wounds the narrator
returns to his duties at the lighthouse on Three Skeleton
Key. "As for me-when they fumigated the light and repaired
the damage done by the rats, I resumed my service there."
(Toudouze 1162) Heart: The narrator likes to watch ships sail and is
very upset when he realizes that the ship is going to
crash into the reef. "A ship sailing with all sail
spread, creaming the sea with her forefoot as she runs
before the wind, is one of the most beautiful sights
in the world-but this time I could feel the tears stinging
my eyes as I saw this fine ship headed for her doom."
(Toudouze 1158) Ears: The narrator hears the rats
screaming below as he is trapped
at the top of the lighthouse.
"Below us, in the tower, we could
hear the screams of the rats as
they devoured everything edible
that they found."(Toudouze 1158) "...and the three of us battled with the horde of maddened
rats which flowed through the gaping window."(Toudouze 1158)

"...striking them off as they swarmed over us..."(Toudouze 1158)

"Don't give up. Hang on a little longer!" (Toudouze 1160) Personification: "And for the next four hours, the vessel
played around us..."(Toudouze 1152) Simile: "...then he bowed his head and began weeping softly,
like a child."(Toudouze 1158) Symbolism: "One of them, larger than the others, who seemed to lead them in their rushes against the glass separating us, we named 'Nero'..."(Toudouze 1156)

Nero was a Roman emperor who was notoriously cruel, which is
how they feel about the rat. Theme:
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