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Born Different

No description

Megan Marrinan

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Born Different

A special needs child can range from a
child with extreme mental retardation
to ones with attention defecit disorder
or allergies. Special needs? Placing special needs childen
in an ordionary classroom with
other children. Mainstreaming? It's Black and White Mainstreaming special needs
students will improve their lives
as well as the lives around them. Benefits of mainstreaming for special needs children? Students who are mainstreamed are
more likely to attend school regularly and
it gives the children a sense of belonging
and motivation.
Benifits for other students? Being around special needs children helps other students to mature socially and morally. Other students learn life skills
and lessons they would not be
able to find anywhere else. Do your part: Each persons' help is needed in the strive
for equality for children with special needs. Write to your congressman Join the facebook group
"Special Needs Children Awareness" Fact: many special needs children are
placed in separate classrooms with other children
with special needs. This causes their learning abilities
and self esteem to dwindle. Help these students get the rights they deserve. Mainstreaming needs to be petitioned for and demanded. Give a voice to those children who can't speak for themselves. Fact: Special needs children are often secluded in other classrooms and not given the help they need.
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