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European University for Volunteering

No description

Eugen Baldas

on 14 October 2018

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Transcript of European University for Volunteering

History and Idea
Founded as Universidad Europea del Voluntariado (UEV), 1993 in Bruselas, during plenary sessions of member organizations of AVE (Association pour le Voluntariat à l'acte gratuit en Europe) in cooparation with representatives of universities in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain.
The European Volunteer University bases its activities on the ideas of the medieval travelling university, thereby offering a university education on topics related to civil engagement and civil society to volunteers and professionals working in the area of volunteering; this happens in interdisciplinary lectures and seminars taking place in irregular intervals in different countries.
4th Session 2001 in Freiburg
Voluntary Activity Forming Europe
Cooperation in Theory and Practice
Organizers: German Caritas Association
The Catholic University of Applied Sciences
Dep. of Religious Education of the Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg
5th Session: 2005 Luzern
Association of the EUV
Structure: Association European University for Volunteers and Volunteerism (founded 2012)
Statute: Giving the permission to host the UEV
UEV-Board and General Assembly
Comntinue the tradition line: Itinerant University
Cooperation: NGOs and Universities
Lectures: Lord Ralf Dahrendorf, Albert Grossère
Leo Penta and others
Fields a.o.: Social effort by companies, church in the community, welfare mix, against isolation: integration of individuals with handicaps, service learning a.o.
300 participants, 50% from abroad, 70 speakers from 26 countries
Topic: Monetarism in volunteerism
Organizators: Freiwilligenforum Luzern, University of Luzern, Schweitzerische Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft, Migros
1993, Barcelona: The UEV - goals, methods, target groups and fields
1995, Lyon:
Volunteering in the struggle against long-term unemployment
1999, Santiago de Compostela: Walking together towards the third millennium:
Voluntary service as a cultural challenge
Topic: Volunteers between freedom and professionalism
Organizators: Centre for Philanthropy Studies, Uni Basel
Merian Stiftung, Evang. u. kath. Kirche Basel, GGG Basel,
Präsidialdepartement Kanton Basel Stadt
Strengthen qualification and reflexion of volunteers on university level, research and cooperation between Universities and NGOs
9 - 12 September 2014 Rolduc / Netherlands and Aachen / Germany
Organizers: Caritas in NRW and Catholic Universities and Technical University
Topic: Democratic participation
7th Session of the UEV
6th Session: 2011 Basel
An "Itinerant" University in Europe
to strengthen volunteering,
deepen questions on volunteering,
to initiate research on volunteering
and to have a forum for discussion

5 - 8 October 2016 Strasbourg
Organizer: University of Strasbourg
Caritas Alsace and IAVE together with
Caritas Diocese Freiburg and IC Volunteers
Topic: Digital Ages - Challenges and chance for Volunteering and social work
Publication and website:
Role of Universities:
Volunteering as research issue
Relationship of universities and EUV
What’s in it for universities?
The role of NGO in the EUV
- To bring aspects of practical experience in scientific discussions
- To suggest topics and main emphasis for research
- To support research of Universities
- To develop civil engagement, especially in new fields in different countries together with universities
The European University for Volunteering
May 2018, Eugen Baldas, Freiburg, Germany

1st, 2nd and 3rd session of the EUV
Case Studies
- Presentations, eg.:
- Social Effort by Companies - Survey / Uni Cologne and Caritas
- Creating Volunteer Centers to strengthen volunteering - results of the 3 years model project with 16 volunteer centers / Uni Augsburg and Caritas
Case Study Presentations:
Community Organizing - in 4 Cities in Germany
Catholic University Berlin, Caritas Germany
Social participation and democracy
Is everyone really welcome? Exclusion process
in civic involvement a.o.
Case Studies
Presentation and discussion:
Volunteers in organisations - the specific role of staff to facilitate the environment for volunteering
Volunteers between "helpers" and experts
Volunteering in Germany - Survey on Volunteering
8th Session of the EUV
Case Study Presentations and innovative projects
9th Session of the
European University for Volunteering
2019, Russia
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