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Cats vs. dogs

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Mr. Stack

on 13 December 2016

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Transcript of Cats vs. dogs

Cats Vs. Dogs
By: Rhyza marnielle reyes and bailey seaberg
Cats vs. dogs
By: Rhyza Marnielle Reyes and Bailey Seaberg!
Cats vs. dogs
Fun facts!
Learn about some other extra cool facts about cats/dogs and you can vote after wards!
Hope you enjoy our presentation! You'll be able to see witch animal is smarter by what they do and how they react to things and people. In your head, think of the animal (cat and dog) that you think is smarter. In the end, think again and see if you stick with your answer! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR CHOISE!!
How They Behave
Chasing a Squirrel?
Afraid Of Water?
In this presentation, you are going to learn about cats and dogs and their intelligence, about what they do and what their strengths are and more. We are gong to see if cats are smarter or if dogs are the intelligent one. In the end, you can pick witch side you are on and the reasons you are on the side!
A lot of dogs get nervous. Every dog has at least one fear. Some dogs are afraid of walking on a certain spot on the floor because they keep slipping on that-certain-spot. They feel that it is smart to not cross that spot because they know that they can easily get hurt. They'll cross it once they realize it isn't that scary! There are other fears too. For instance, almost every dog is afraid of thunder/lightning. Some dogs are even afraid of farts!

In dog training or the park, when dogs see that another dog is nervous, they give stress signals. stress signals are used to calm each other down and say that it's "Okay". For example, a yawn is a stress signal. You can use a yawn to calm your dog down when they get jump-scared or when something out of the ordinary happens and they get nervous. Dogs even do calming signals to humans if they see that you are getting really stressed out.
Every cat also has at least one fear. For example some common fears are cucumbers and tape. a lot of fears are from noise [like thunder storms and fireworks]

when a cat is scared, it may tremble withdrawal hide away from other people and animals and hide underneath things. For example, the kitchen table, in a box, under furniture and outside [if its an out-door cat].
Dog training may be a little hard for beginners. They sometimes do well, sometimes not. But, usually all dogs can be trained. All you need for a trained dog is the following; treats, a dog, a space that you want to train your dog, and some other stuff that you need to use depending on what you're going to train the dog on. But, another important thing is a clicker. You click it to tell the dog that they accomplished. Then, you can just make a plan on how you want to train your dog and what you are actually going to train it on. You can also watch videos. A dog will usually be very obedient. They will soon be very kind to you and will do what you ask. Your dog can become smarter and know what training is about and they will soon learn a lot in usually a short amount of time. Depending on how long your training lesson is. You can teach your dog manners too.
Most people don't train their cats, but they can be trained just as well as dogs. All you need to train a cat is: treats, a clicker, [if you have one] and an open space. Depending on what you are trying to train your cat, depends on what other things you might need.
Dogs usually behave well. But some dogs also behave very poorly. One example of a poor acting dog is a dog that bites people and growls. Sometimes this is caused by owners being mean. Sometimes, it's just the way that that dog acts. A lot of dogs learn how to obey their owners and they end up being in movies. a weird behavior that dogs usually have is moving and twisting and turning while asleep. the cool thing is that the dogs are actually possibly dreaming.

A dog can sometimes be trained to not bite and not be mean. you can find a way to train that dog or, of course, use technology and go onto youtube and watch a video there. You can show them how to not bite people and furniture. If your dog is really rough and tough, it might be a little hard. Most dogs are pretty nice though. As I said before! They can be an assistant to their owners. They also want a lot of attention most of the time though!
When people think of dogs chasing squirrels, they
think of the dogs being silly and hard-headed and
not following directions. But really, they are
just being dogs. Back when the dogs were wild, they had to chase animals for food and for survival. That is the main thing. It's basically part of the dog.


I love this chalk!!
So COOL!!!!!!!!
away from humans
away from animals
hide outside
under furniture
behind/in boxes
pg. 1
The Newfoundland Breed are like ducks. They have a water proof coat. Even webbed feet. They help fishers fish, fish.
When a kitten, the Scottish Folds' ears bend over. Nobody quite knows why this happens though.
pg. 2
Dogs can actually have dreams. That's one of the reasons why dogs move a lot while they are sleeping.
Bengal cats are a very rare breed of cat. Bengals are born when a wild leopard mates with a domestic cat.
PG. 3
Dogs chase tails for silly reasons. Most people think that they are doing this for no reason though. One reason that they chase their tails is because they are curious. Sometimes it's just because of predatory stuff. Or fleas.
The Manx is a type of cat that has no tail. The Manx comes from an island that is located between Ireland and England.
pg. 4
Puppies have 28 teeth. That's almost as much teeth than adult humans have. But, adult dogs have 42 teeth!
Persians are an ancient cat breed who once rode with their owners on camels.
pg. 5
When Dalmatians are born, they are completely white. But then, as they get older and older, they start to get black spots.
The Siamese used to be a royal pet in Thailand. The fist American Siamese lived in the white house.
Cats behave by running around, being crazy, purring, clawing furniture and rugs and climbing trees and fence posts [If they're out-door cats]. Cats also like to snuggle with they're owners, and needing they're owners. Needing means clawing their owners.
A common fear you will find in cats is the
fear of water. you may think all cats have this fear.WRONG! A turkish van is a type of cat that loves to swim and get wet. that is the only breed of domestic cats that likes water but other cats like water no matter what breed it is.
being CRAZY!

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