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Media Evaluation ..

media evaluation for coursework

Amar Singh

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Media Evaluation ..

1. In what ways does your media product use, devlop or challenge forms and conections of reeal media products ? 2. How does your media product represent particular social groups ?
Evaluation.. This is the title of the film
we named it m-cubed
because it stands for
millies murder mystery
which suit the way we
have chosen the story
for the film, due to the
its about a called Millie
and are trying to find
who killed her. Setting and location was very easy this was because we were able to shoot
in one location and did not have to worry about lighting or asking people
in the community if we were able to use the space because we shooted in
somebodys house. This made it easier because we were able to communicate
better with the actors and also we knew the different background we would
have been able to use. The house would have been the perfect set for our target
audeince due to the fact it would have made it more realistic and seemed
as Millie could have been killed while her friends were round her house. As you can see the costumes were suited to what an average teenager
would be wearing in these times. We asked characters to come in normal
clothes, this helps the audience because they now feel as if they have some
relation with the movie. Like in other movie such as Batman Begins, you see
the main character wearing clothes you would expect a person of his class
to wear, He is a rich man with a wealthy lifestyle so he is normally wearing a
suit or something expensive. These teenagers are wearing soemthing they
would wear if they were seeing a friend. We chose a slightly different from what you would expect from a big
budget film. It is about a girl who has been murdered in her own home.
This film is the story of how they end up finding out who killed her within
a group of friends. This story helps to build it up for the rest movie
because its starts to give her first glimpse and clues of who could have done
it not revealing too much so you can keep the audience guessing, we leave
the story witha cliffhanger to create the element of suspense for the audience. Characters become introduced scene by scene, as one scene ends
another opens to introduce what the next character up to and what he is doing.
We can relate our introduction of character to Batman Begins because in the start
we notice that alot of people come in a new scene when they breaking into the bank.
Similarly in this film a new character is introduced as one ends with the main character
coming at the end in both opening sequances.
For special effects we used called final cut express
and livetype to create a unique texts and font for our
characters name and titles. Like you see in all films
the titles are unique and like no other, we had the same idea
in my mind with wanting to create a title that you would
not see or think of. We also thought the same for the text, it was
important for us that we made the way the text came out really
become a main highlight for the audience. For example, James Bond
Casino Royale the opening scene was very unique in terms of how
each new name came up and how it led into the title and everything
being in sync with each other. The film i chosen to compare my character with
is The Godfather. similarities : Both have a presense in the room when they walk in. Looking at m-cubed
Jay walks in and everyone turns to him, they ask of his where abouts. He is
smartly dressed with a long black coat and has the intelligant look about him
which gives you the idea that he is almost of the Don of what is going on.
He is very clean cut and never puts a step wrong in his appearance of what
he wears and the way he talks.
The way he walks into the room he grabs the attention of the people around.
Also in The Godfather , he also has that presence about him when he walks in
he has that cunning look like hes almost saying im watching you. He always
wearing a suit and can never put be put down for the way he is dressed.
His shoulders are very broad to make him look bigger. Differences : However not all things are the same, in m-cubed we notice
jay talking in a normal voice he is a tall person and as a result
he can easily have more than a presence he can have an
intemidating effect on the audience rather just creating that presence.
This can have a negative impact because they can get misleaded into
who the character really is .

In Godfather , we notice the character to be small but yet have that
presence about him in which he can make everyone know that he is
now in the building. His height is almost that way used to his advantage.
You always know what the character is like unlike in the m-cubed.
3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why ? 4. Who would be the audience for your media product ? favourite music : rnb nd bhangra favourite shops : h n m, new look, zara, river island, republic..
favourite progams : family guy, the inbetweeners, eastenders
favourite movies : step brothers, kuch kuch hota hai, friday eg. of target audience. 5. How did u attract/ adress your audience? 6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product this is one peice of equipment we used to help us with editing and also uploading the video. We used this mainly to edit the bits of our footage that we wanted to use. It allowed us to use softwares such as livetype and final cut. This helped us to use and help make our movie look more professional. Other progams we use learnt how to use were imovie and garage band. We used garage band to help create the background music. This is the equipment we used to help shoot our film. They are very simple and easy, we did not have trouble setting up or turning on camera and using. This is useful because our previous experiance helped us to be more confident whilst using. It took two mins to set up the camera. We also used our computer to help upload
videos on to youtube where everyone will be
able to watch it.

There was a facebook group set up to gain
audeince feedback from our target audeince
and wondering what they want in a movie.

I also used paint to help print screen some of
videos are were using i can then copy and paste
the parts of video i want.
computer software ( garage band ) Camera Tripod i used windows movie maker for
the editing of the audeince
research 7. looking back at your preliminary taask. what do you feel you have learnt in the progession
from it to the full product ? As you can see they are both similar situations but taken from different angles.
On the right you can see that the two characters are facing and having a convosation
but on the left one is about to face the character shown closer to the camera. What i have
llearnt is that taking different camera shots helps to create a different effect on the audience.
For example the use of match on action helps to explain the characters facial expressions
alot better. Again almost the same shots , just taken from different angles. The scene on the right continoues
into a 180 degree rule where we show the character walking to sit down. However on the left we notice
the character leaving. The shot on the left is trying to build tension and show different angles of what is going.
I learnt that changing angles and seeing something happen from different makes audeince think in certain
ways. The vareity of shots used are also very clear from what i started with and then what i learnt.
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