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Reinthaler No Where to Call Home

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Reinthaler No Where to Call Home

Lukas Reinthaler No Where to Call Home
Timeline Chapters 1-7

Chapter 1
The Beginning
Location: Philadelphia
Historical Facts: Banks foreclosed, millionaires were broke and were selling stuff like apples on the streets.
Hobo slang: Bo- which means a hobo.
Important facts: We found out that her mother died and we found out they live in Philadelphia.
Quote: "Who is deciding?" asked Frances confused.
This shows how she didn't want to go to her Aunts.
Chapter 2/3
No more jobs
Location: Train Station
Historical Facts: Hobos getting on trains and hitching rides
Important Events: She didn't go to Chicago, She lied so she could get off the train and sell her ticket.
A Quote: "No, I- If you please redeem the ticket."
Inference/prediction on Quote: I think she wanted the money because she was going to be a hobo.

Chapter 4/5
Jumping On
Location: In Box Car and In the Jungle
Historical Facts: Hobos jumping trains and getting caught by the railroad guards
Hobo Slang: Nab- to take or steel, Rods- the drag, Profresh- somebody very sneaky
Important Events: She goes into a box car, and she meets stewpot.
Quote: "Nice tune.", this shows how good frankie is at harmonica.
Chapter 6/7
Now What
Location: Frances' House
Historical Facts: Black Thursday, Black Tuesday, Stock market crashes, Depression.
Important Events: Frances' father kills himself because his business went bankrupt.
Quote: "No Miss Frankie," he said. "You don't want to go in there." , this shows that something bad happened.
Chapters 8-10
The Jungle
Location: Pittsburgh
Historical Facts: Hoover ville, President Hoover, Songs
Hobo Slang: Bull- railroad guards, Bughouse-crazy, Gopped- getting questions, Crumbs- bugs or lice, Jungle- a place where hobos stay for a little bit.
Important Events: Frankie and Stewpot meet some girl hobos and Frankie Gets Jealous.
Questions: I wonder whats going to happen next?
Quote: "You learn fast, kid," said Stewpot grinning back.
This shows how much Frankie has learned.
Chapters 11-13 Food at last!
Location: A Jungle, and a bakery
Historical facts: Getting free meals, where they keep money, how all hobos need a knife
Important Facts: Frankie's bag gets stolen, she buys a knife, her and stewpot get food, hopped a train and headed Northwest.
Quote: Pg.104 "I can't do this." , this shows how Frankie wasn't ready that well.
Chapters 14-16 Toy Time
Location: Cincy
Historical Facts: The marks on the fence, books, 2$ can buy a lot of stuff, and mission houses
Hobo Slang: Stew Bum- a drunk, Bum- the roads
Important Events: They jumped off a train, they read a book, they got food and got a place to stay a while, Stewpot shows Frankie how to make those toys.
Quote: "Let's go," said Stewpot. This shows how they want to keep moving.
Chapters 17-19 The Truth
Location: In a box car, and the mission
Historical Facts: They go to jail with a bunch of other hobos
Hobo Slang: Drag- the roads, Stew bums- crazy drunks, wryly- sneaky, she guessed, Dofted-Fixed
Important Events: Murph died by drowning in his own puke, Frankie tells Stewpot shes a girl, they spend the night in jail, they were at the mission
Quote: "Free as the Wind" Frankie pg.159
Chapters 20-24 Better
Important Events: Stewpot gets medicine
Hobo Slang: Blowed in the glass stiff- persob who knows what they are doing, Groak-choak
Quote: pg.172, "Stew!" she gasped. " What's wrong?", It shows how much she cares for Stewpot
Chapters 25-26 The End
Location: Hooverville
Historical Facts: Hooverville,
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