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Cell Membrane Review

No description

Heather Glazebrook

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Cell Membrane Review

What is a cell membrane?
Cell Membrane Review

The cell membrane is made up of the following:

- Phospholipids ( head and tail)
- Transport Proteins
- Carbohydrate chains

What makes up a cell membrane?

- Transports materials in and out of cell; Also provides protection.

-Also called the plasma membrane

- The plasma membrane is selectively permeable.
What does the cell membrane do?
How can materials be transported?
There are 2 main types of transport

- Active: requires energy
- transport proteins and ion pumps

-Passive: No energy used
- osmosis and diffusion
Solutions and Transport

Solutions are made up of 2 parts: solutes and solvents
What makes up a solution?
Solutions can be at different states depending on the amount of solutes to solvent.

If everything is equal, then they are isotonic
States of a solution
Hypertonic: more solute is outside the cell; water (solvent) is sucked out of the cell. Makes cell shrink

Hypotonic: more solute is inside the cell; water (solvent) is sucked into the cell. Makes cell swell.
Hypertonic and hypotonic
Full body Transport
There are times the cell will use the membrane to bring materials in and out of the cell. This is called endocytosis and exocytosis.
Materials are brought into the cell by the cell membrane surrounding an object/substance.
Particles are removed from the cell by being expelled by the cell
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