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Copy of Thesis Statements

No description

Minnesota History Day

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Thesis Statements


What is a
Thesis Statement?
A central thought that holds your entire History Day Project together.

The thesis statement is always being reshaped, and reworked.

As you gather information, your
thesis will evolve.
What kind of information should
be in my thesis statement?
Your thesis should answer the 5 W's
What happened? What was the main event?
Who was involved? Who was affected?
Where was/were the place(s) it took place? Why here?
When did it happen?
How long did the event last?
Why did it happen? Why is it important?

The thesis statement will become a map for your project.
It is also where you tell the audience what it is you plan to prove/argue.
It is important for the thesis to match the rest of the project. Prove what you say you are going to prove!
Where should I put my
thesis statement in my project?
Exhibit board:
Somewhere in the center of your board.
It should stand out and be the first thing the viewer reads.
Note: You do not have to label your thesis statement "Thesis Statement".
On the homepage.
In the first paragraph.
In the introduction. You can summarize again in the conclusion.
Within the first 30 seconds or within the first minute.
Don't be too wordy.
Elaborate on each statement
in your project
with context and supporting evidence.
Avoid sweeping statements/generalizations.
"...changed history forever",
"...was the most important turning point in history",
"without________, the world would be different"
No "I".
Use the theme words!!
Conduct research, then formulate your thesis.
Comparing thesis statements
Why was Susan B. Anthony so important in history?
Susan B. Anthony fought for the right to vote. The 19th amendment was passed in 1919.
Through social action and her writings, Susan B. Anthony inspired thousands to take a stand on the issue of suffrage, which fueled the women's rights revolution and eventually resulted
in the 19th amendment.
This is a question. Not a statement.
Lacks author's opinion-what are you trying to prove?
Needs to be more specific about her impact in history.
Needs theme connection.
Needs to do more than state a fact.
Needs more information about Anthony's own role and its significance in history.
Needs theme connection.
Discusses significance in history.
Specific about build-up and impact.
Has a connection to the theme.
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