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Direct Mail

No description

David Siegel

on 12 July 2010

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Transcript of Direct Mail

Direct The Hawkeye Barber Story Current technique: P.O.S. Board
Problems Doesnt attract primary target
Not visible: small, behind tinted glass
Males 40+ Problem?
Current Clientele= Attributes of Current

Easily reachable by mail
Willing to give friends info
Lower Cost
Why Repeat Customers To Acquire NEW Customers Use Direct Mail Campaign
Outer Envelope with design
Informative letter
Special offer Evoked Set
Duel Coding -Pictures and words
Raises involvement
Feasible? 1000 total x .30 Breakage = 300 DM involvement 900 New Customer Contacts X .10 Breakage New Customers ------------------ 90 New Customers Provide 3 New Contacts X $155.66 NLV ------------------ $14,009.40 Add Rev 5 yrs $1700 Cost Both DM - $12,309.40 Net ------------------ DM.1 1000 Pieces x $.80
DM.2 900 Pieces x $1.00 Costs For DM Customers Reached NLV
6.5 Cuts/year
5 years
.60 Loyalty
$10 Profit/Cut
- Acquisition Costs for Both D.M
Total Discount Given
$195 $39.33
- = $155.66 DM.1 $.80 cost/ .30 Breakage DM.2 $1.00 cost/ .10 Breakage DM.1 Free Cut, $20 off
DM.2 $10 Off + 900 NEW Contacts $9.33 $30.00 4 Can you find the P.O.S? David Siegel, Grace Lowery, Maggie Prange, Kristina Smiley jhjg;ljghlg
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