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Madeleine Lampron

on 10 June 2016

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Transcript of Love146

A new beginning Love

The start of Love146
Each girl was wearing a red dress with a number pinned onto them so they could be identified, they sat in a room watching cartoons as the predators looked at their menus deciding what girl would be their prey that night. In those girls eyes was supposed to be joy, adventure, and innocence instead it was pain and fright. All of their light had been taken from them, Every night they would get raped countless times and they just had to let it happen there was no escape.
number 146
The undercover co-founders stood shoulder to shoulder with the horrible men, something stood out and that was #146 she wasn't watching cartoons like all the others instead she had this piercing glare as she looked at all the men. In her eyes you could see strength and hope, she was still fighting. They took her number to remember how the organization started.
Love146 uses the money raised to help them recover, to protect and help the victims after their traumatizing past, gives them an education, gives them opportunities and rescue more victims.
-The dignity of the human person
Every person regardless of gender, race, age, nationality, religion or economic status deserves respect, dignity doesn't come from what we have or who we are it comes from God

-The call to family, community and participation
The way society is organized/ politics, economics,law,policy, directly affects human dignity, therefore we need to protect human life and promote common good.

-Protection of peace
mutual respect and confidence between people and nation

We need to protect the planet and people

-The preferential option for the poor
The powerless and the poor must be protected, they should be given respect and deserve justice, we are all brothers and sisters and we should all be a part of God's good creation.

In 2002 co-founders traveled to South-East Asia to discover how they could fight against child trafficking and exploitation, they went under cover to a brothel and this is what they witnessed.........
The brothel
what they do
Catholic Social Teachings

These catholic social teachings are shown in Love146's organization because the kids were put into child trafficking and exploitation at such young ages, their families economic status was the main reason most of these kids got raped several times every night and weren't respected, they were forced into this abuse, and no one helped them until this organization came along. The kids were powerless, felt alone and scared, Love146 protects the kids and helps them recover from their traumatic past, it also gives them an education and makes them see good in the world.

Madeleine Lampron
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