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Yellowstone Super Volcano

No description

olivia woods

on 11 January 2017

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Transcript of Yellowstone Super Volcano

Yellowstone Super Volcano
By : Olivia Woods
Yellowstone Supervolcano
Thank you!
Facts about Supervolcano
They are also called calderas
Theres 20 around the world
The one in Yellowstone is the biggest
An eruption of an 8 magnitude volcano.
What would happen if Yellowstone Super volcano were to erupt ?
A cloud could cover a region of 500 miles wide.
It would cover the ground with 4 in. of ash.
Yellowstone Caldera facts
Elevation : 9,203 ft.
It's had 3 major events in 2.1 million years
The magma resvoir is big enough to fill the grand canyon 11 times
Yellowstone is imminent volcano and unlikely to erupt in the next thousand to 10,000 years
After the eruption (if it were to happen the sulfur dioxade can lead to acid rain and or global warming
Super volcanoes create the largest & most deadly forces on Earth
When the last eruption happened scientist believe that is what caused the last ice age
Scientist say that the eruption could kill 90,000 people
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