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No description

Byza 1410

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of HOW DO I STAY HEALTHY?



Why is it important for me to stay healthy?
1. Maintain a balance between body and mind.

2. Avoid illness.

3. Enjoy the benefits of being physically fit.
Ways I Stay Healthy
1. Nutritionally -
right fuel.....better mileage!

Make healthy and balanced food choices
Food plate - food groups and portion sizes
"Sometimes foods"
Ways I Stay Healthy (cont...)
2. Physically -
I stay fit and avoid injury and illness.

Participate in sport - baseball, football...
Ride my BMX and scooter
Bounce on my trampoline
Shoot basketball
Ways I Stay Healthy (cont...)
Think positive thoughts
Aim for balance in my life
Build positive relationships
My Future Health Goals
1. Nutrition
Make healthier food choices
Eat fewer "sometimes foods"
2. Physical
Build my strength
Improve my stamina
3. Emotional/Social
Get more sleep
Practice kindness
By Byron
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