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Being a GSB Club Leader

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Transcript of Being a GSB Club Leader

Being a GSB Club Leader
The most meaningful part has been seeing the impact of WIM on campus: whether it's hearing first-years talk about how the WIM Retreat changed their GSB experience or seeing a male classmate push back on a guest speaker regarding gender issues.

Wendy Wen - Retail Club & WIM
This year we were able to further service and give back as part of the GSB experience. That's something that will hopefully make the GSB a much more altruistic and well rounded community for years to come.

Bryan Solar - SA Senate
I especially enjoyed getting to know a lot of people that I wouldn't otherwise interact a lot with (e.g: Class of 2014 and Class of 2016, Administration, and even some people in my own class). It also feels great to shape the way the class socializes. I've organized several large events, and though stressful, it is always rewarding after they are done.

Fede Guinazu - LASA & SA Social Committee
Knowing that I was giving back to a community that's given me so much. I've also built some great relationships through club leadership, both with people I expected to click with and others that were more unexpected. Through my time on Gala, in particular, I got to know a few MBA1s well and that was nice given that it can be hard to find spaces to interact with people in the other class. One of the most memorable moments was when we got Spike Lee to accept a speaking invitation for the Gala...it was pretty surreal.

Amanda Johnson - BBSA & WIM
Student leadership at the GSB is an amazing opportunity to leave a small mark on a school that has given us so much - to make it even better for our classmates and those who follow. To see the engagement, the thoughtful questions, the new relationships born at events we planned was tremendous rewarding. And I will always be grateful for the many friendships I made along the way.

Lauren Zletz - SA Senate & WIM
Something I learned is that it's extremely important to delegate and keep your leadership team engaged. Jenn and I were very thoughtful about how to cultivate morale and align people's interests with the projects / roles they were assigned to.

Wendy Wen - Retail Club & WIM
Even though you're the leader, share the spotlight with others. For me, this is another way of saying that servant leadership is really important to keep in mind. The best thing you can do with your leadership role is to think of how you can use your resources and your knowledge to help those around you. You'll have so much more impact if you can get over serving yourself, and see the bigger picture.

Michelle Jiang - Christians in Business & SA Social Committee
My advice would be to make time to celebrate wins with your leadership team, no matter how small. From securing an event speaker to sending out a great email, it's very important to appreciate everyone's hard work and subsequent successes.

Ashley Prince - Black Business Student Association
My biggest success was getting positive feedback from students and facilitators about the WIM Groups sign up process. It was a big feat and I spent a lot of time thinking about the interests of the various people involved. So, it was great to hear that people had noticed specific changes and appreciated the work I put in.

Amanda Johnson - BBSA & WIM
Our biggest success as the C4C Leadership team was drumming up more excitement for the C4C Weekend than ever before (both at Stanford and across the other eight west coast business schools). While we were able to sell out for the first time last year, we sold out in 24 hours (as opposed to three weeks) this year. I look forward to being a part of the team that will host the greatest C4C ever in April!

Jim Tormey - Basketball Club, C4C Weekend, & Sports Management Club
Being a leader of a club is incredibly rewarding IF it is something you are very passionate about. Leading clubs is certainly a lot of work, but it is undoubtedly worth it if you enjoy what you're doing. It sounds cliche but what you get out of it is directly correlated to what you put into it.

Jim Tormey - Basketball Club, C4C Weekend, & Sports Management Club
Hearing "this is why I came to the GSB" on treks that I planned has been the most meaningful part of being a club leader.

David Benjamin - SA Social Committee & Travel & Hospitality Club
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