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Global Road Trip

No description

Rashaan A.

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Global Road Trip

Global Road Trip The road trip starts at my grandparents home from Jorda. Me and my friends decided to go to only spas, hotles, and water parks. Our trip first takes us to Amman Waves. Which is about 17 miles away. The water slides were awsome. I got a pretty nice tan too. From Amman Waves we hit the road to the dead sea spa hotel which would be 24 miles away. I highly recommend the date facials. Sooo relaxing. The next spot we hit was Jordan Valley Marriot Resort. Everyone hung out at the pool. It was one of those just resting spots, but still ohh soo fun. It was only 3 miles away from dead sea spa hotel. So we decided to get adventrous. Everyone jumped on a plane to Paris France. There we went to Monte Carlo Bay Hotel. The food there was beyon amazing, like a slice of heaven. However it had the best pools and ocean. It was clear and blue. This might sound weird but I brought a cup of it back home with me. The next stop was at Centre de Thalasso Bretange Hotel. Probably the second fanciest stop. French food just kept getting better and better. The shopping in that area was exquiste. But I liked the next stop even more. Hotel Lancaster was so fancy and classy. A classic five star hotel. They had an pretty awsome pool, and the best non alcoholic Pina Coloda. The boutiqe a block down had an rocking dress i bought. After Hotel Lancaster me and my friends went to Auqopolis in Spain. The sun the , and more importantly the water. I learned how to surf there. Still trying to learn some tricks but I am doing pretty good. My friend did a complete belly flop into the sand. It was pretty funny. Auqopolis was cool, but so was Spain's Aqua Park. Kind of a blunt name for some where not that blunt. The Water slide was 20 feet high. I was kind of a chicken till my friend pushed me down. I forgot about being scared because water was being exploded on to me. Aqua Torremonlis had the best tanning are, not that I needed a tan on top of my tan. They had the coolest thing ever. Its called a wave pool. They play music really loud, and it makes all the water vibrate with it. However all the fun had to end and I had go back to my grandparents house. Still I've got some memories I won't ever want to forget. Some awsome pictures to, on top of that there was a pretty nice tan.
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