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Development Accord

Find out all about the Development Accord - why we're passionate about it, how it works and who the fund supports.

Melinda Harvey

on 20 June 2012

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Transcript of Development Accord

Our Mission To play our part in seeing the end
of extreme poverty by:

- Claim a stake in the economic system for the world's poor - Being an instrument for mending broken relationships with our brothers and sisters in developing nations Track your donations online www.developmentaccord.com

Track your donations online

Every dollar directed to the fund

Every donation giving for life

For more info come and see us at the back of the chapel after the service. Theoritical Example of a member donation: - Theoretical donation of $100 received Jan 2011
- Capital growth assumed at 5% p.a.
- Returns to communities assumed at 6% p.a.
(Includes dividend franking credits) What is the legacy of the $100 donation
at the ten year mark? - Granted $75.47 funds to partner communities

- Capital value of donation increased to $162.89
with the intention it will continue to fund our
partner communities in perpetuity Why do we believe that we can achieve great reults with the Development Accord Fund?

3 Key Foundations: Low commissions, no capital gains tax,
franking credits refunded

Experienced Investment Consultants in Ethinvest
and strong monitoring and evaluation of projects
via the Global Development Group

Committed volunteers with wide ranging experience
and a zero cost structure The Charity Factor:

Excellent Partners:

Development Accord: Why sustainable giving? Our Vision: Investments overseen by Ethinvest Funding grants to partners made through Global Development Group Effect of franking credits for charitable funds Share Price closed 15/02/2011 @ $24.31

Forecast dividend payments for 2011 = $1.54 (Fully Franked) For entities not eligible to receive franking credits this represents a
return of 6.3% Return for a charitable entity:

Franking Credit
Total + = $1.54
$2.20 Representing a return on investment of 9.05% Effect of franking credits for charitable funds - Allows us to effectively commit to sustainable development

- We can make donations work harder over the long term and realise significant financial benefits as a charitable fund

- Because as individuals living in the west we happily use this
concept in our own lives. Why shouldn't the poor have the same opportunity? Every Donation Giving for life Member's Profile Monthly Newsletter DevHub Every Donation Giving for life To see an end of absolute and extreme poverty across the globe Our Mission: To play our part by:

Creating an effective. grass-roots movement claiming a
stake in the economic system for the world's poor
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