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Physical, Health, and Low-Incidence Disabilities

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Josefina Marban

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of Physical, Health, and Low-Incidence Disabilities

Physical, Health, and Low-Incidence Disabilities
Assessment Diagnosis
Physicians confirms diagnosis, a team determines if the disability is negative to the pupils education.
Physical Disabilities:
physical conditions resulting in inability
Health Disabilities:
severe health problems such as having a tumor
Low-Incidence Disability:
refers to a disability that occurs frequesntly
can't walk
can't talk
can't point
cerebral palsy
spina bifida
behavior disorders
early intervention services
collaborative services
motor developments
communication development
augmentative communication
Teaching Strategies
teach verbal rehersal strategies
put pictures by each subject
give the pupils more time on tests
decrese the pupils work
talk about the rules everyday
encourage thinking time
chromosal difects
drug abuse
lack of oxygen in fetus
child abuse
pregnancy complications
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