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Lina Marcela lopez ruiz

on 16 August 2013

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Keep under control a process.
Eliminate the causes of the effects on the different phases of the life cycle.
The purpose of this is to ckeck if a product has or not a characteristic of quality to the degree required
These are divided in two groups

· Static Controls
· Dynamic Controls

Static Controls
Are the techniques and activities of an operational nature, are used to fulfill requirements for quality
Control Activities
These analyzed the object without executing this .
Checking desk: is to examine over a paper and individually the object just developed.
Peer review: is the review by other programmers.
Audit is done to determine the degree of compliance and the adequacy of the procedures, instructions, specifications, standards
Are considered:
• Product audit
• Audit of the process
• Quality system audit
Reviews: formal meeting which presents the current status of the project results
The statics controls are:

Formal Verification

Automatic static analysis, this in turn in:

• Compilers
• Flow Analyst
• Symbolic Execution
Dinamic Controls
Require the execution of the object under test or a model of it
These are divided in methods of black box and white box
The technique of Equivalence Partitioning, boundary value analysis, cause and effect graphs, comparison tests, guessing errors are part of the black box methods.
White Box Methods
The coverage metrics covering the sentencing, segment branching decisions, conditions, combined conditions of roads.

Into the complexity metrics we have cyclomatic complexity, essential complexity, real complexity

These are divided into coverage metrics and complexity metrics
They can be: Manuals or Automatic
The manuals are:
Informal: as desk checking, peer review.
Disciplined: as reviews and audits.
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