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on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of POWERPOINT

Powerpoint VS. Keynote

Which is better?
Keynote and Powerpoint are created by different companies, Keynote having created by Apple and Powerpoint having created by Microsoft. Although they are created by different companies, they are both a software that you can create presentations on. Powerpoint can run on Microsoft windows and Apple products while Keynote only runs on Apple products. They also have a lot of similarities and differences and this presentation will tell you some of those things.
How they start
PowerPoint and Keynote both start with a list of template or themes that you could choose from.
Keynote has a lot of things to offer. It has a lot of built-in themes that you could use in your presentation. By clicking "THEMES" you could pick a different theme for your presentation so it wouldn't be the same. It also has "Inspector" which has a lot of things built into it. Inspector includes transitions and animations for your text called "BUILT" effects that you could include in your slides, it also has the duration that you want it to appear or last. Inspector also has the "GRAPHIC" section which allows you to put frames, lines, shadow, opacity, reflection and change angles on your image or text. Inspector also has the "TEXT" section which allows you to put bullets, columns and alignment on your texts. Keynote also allows you to add tables and charts, you could even choose from a variety of choices, what type of tables and charts you want to use. Keynote also has "Shapes" which allows you to put a different shapes in your presentation. Keynote also has the "Alpha" section which allows you to take out a certain colour on your pictures. Keynote also allows you to record your slideshow by clicking the "FILE" button and then clicking "RECORD SLIDESHOW".
Powerpoint is a software with a lot of different tools and effects that you can used. This software is packed with different things that you can use for your presentation. It includes themes where you can choose a background, animations and effects to make your slide look good to add effects and transitions, tables and charts where you can do graphs, charts, columns etc., smart art where you can put a list, process, cycle, hierarchy, relationship, picture and other graphic charts that you can use. Powerpoint has a whole lot of tools that you can use for your presentation
Keynote's toolbox includes the New, Play, View, Guides,
Themes, Masters, Text Box, Shapes. Table, Charts, Comment, Mask, Alpha, Group, Ungroup, Front, Back, Inspector, Media, Colours and Fonts button. You could also find the tools for your text and picture, this includes the font, size, colour, the bold, italic, underline, paragraph alignment, auto-shrink, stroke, fill, opacity, shadow and reflection. In the toolbox, it also has inspector where you can find the animation, transitions. graphic, text, build, tables, chart, metric and hyperlink section.When your using Powerpoint, there are much more different tools you can use. It is also arranged into sections. There are Home, Format, Themes, Tables, Charts, Smart art, Transitions, Animations, Slide shows and Review section. Unlike from Keynote there is just one section where the tools are, plus it has lesser tools you can use. All the effects and transitions and other tools are in inspector in Keynote while in Powerpoint they are aligned in columns.
Animation and transition

In keynote, you can find the animation and transition section by clicking "Inspector" and then clicking "Build" for animation and "Transition" for transitions. In that two sections, you can also find the effects that you want it to have, the direction that you want those effects to go and the duration you want those effects to last. Although it has fewer animations and transitions options than PowerPoint, you could still find a variety of great effects for your presentation. In Powerpoint the animation and transitions are easy to find on the top on the toolbox column. There it says "Transitions" and "Animations". Both Powerpoint and Keynote can provide animations and transitions.
In keynote, you can remove the colours that you don't want in your pictures using the "Alpha" button, you can find it at the top of the toolbox beside "Mask" and "Group". It's very convenient to use because if you don't want a certain colour in your picture you can just use the "Alpha" button and you can click on the colour that you don't want and Alpha will simply remove that certain colour that you don't want. While in Powerpoint you need to edit your picture first in Adobe Photoshop or any other editing app to remove the background
In keynote you can find the hyperlink section when you click on "Inspector" and then "Hyperlink" section. There you can choose what slide you want your slide to go.
In keynote and powerpoint, you can also hyoerlink but in diffent ways.
On PowerPoint and Keynote you can apply transitions (Effects that it does as it goes to the next slide) and animations (Effects that it does when a text or a picture enters or leaves) in both keynote and PowerPoint but they have different effects and you can find them on different place.
In keynote there's a variety of charts that you can pick. You can click on charts that's on the toolbox section of keynote besides "Comment" and "Table" and pick the kind of chart that you want and it immediately go on your slides without having to open another application.
Where it runs
Keynote runs on Apple products only like Mac and Macbook air. While Powerpoint can work on both PC and Mac.

In my opinion I prefer Powerpoint more because it has more tools that I can use for presentations. For some people might prefer Keynote more because it is much easier to use for beginners but powerpoint is much helpful for its tools. I like the toolbox on powerpoint because it is aligned on the top and it is also in columns so you won't get confused where to look for effects or smart art etc. I also like how you can customize the shapes and fonts so easily. There are quick styles that you can use for shapes but keynote doesn't have the quick style feature. When your choosing animations and transitions on powerpoint there are icons on the transitions and animations. You can see what animation it is so that you have the idea on what it is plus when you click on the transition/effect you can see it on the actual slide, but on keynote it is just a line of animations/transitions there are no icons and when you click the animations/transition it doesn't show on the actual slide but it show on the small screen in the inspector. These are some things why I prefer powerpoint more than Keynote. If I had to make a presentation I would prefer to use Powerpoint than Keynote.

I think Keynote is a great program to use for presentations. I think Keynote is better because it is more organized and transitions, animations and whatever stuff you’re looking for are more easy to find as it does not have a whole lot of things on it’s toolbox so it’s not tight looking because it has a lot of space in between. In addition, for me, how it’s laid out is also more appealing to the eye. Also, some of the things are easier to access in Keynote and I think that it is laid out on a more simpler form that makes it easy to use for people who haven’t made presentations yet because they can figure things out more easily even without assistance. In addition, Keynote has Inspector where you can find almost anything that will make your presentation, pictures or text more better. Also when you want to add animations on your text and pictures and transitions on your slides, Keynote gives you a preview of what it will look like so right away you can see which ones fits in your presentation and which one doesn't, you could also tell right away if you like it or not and it's so easy to choose another effect if you wish too, also it's easy to change the duration that you want it to lasts and which way you want those to go because they're all in their section. Keynote also has Alpha which you can use to take away a certain color on a picture that you don't like so you don't have to open Photoshop just to remove the color that you don't want. In Keynote, I like how it’s simple looking and easy to use, in PowerPoint I like how it offers more shapes, effects on transitions and animation that you could choose from. However, I would choose Keynote over PowerPoint because it is more convenient and I’m used to using it so I know where more stuff on Keynote are located than in PowerPoint. Furthermore, Keynote is easier to use and you can find things easily on it as it has lesser things on its toolbox. In my opinion Keynote is better for certain situations because if you’re really rushing you can find things that you need more easily because you only have to look at fewer things to find what you want, as a result you will get your work done faster.

2nd Opinion
By: Faith and Janine
By: Faith
By: Janine
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