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Personal learning environment

my personal digital learning resources.

michelle rush

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Personal learning environment

has given me the ability to socialise with many people and also gives me the opportunity to stay in contact with family and friends all over the world. It allows me to view pictures my friends have taken from everywhere they have visited and it gives me a larger outlook on life. Hotmail...
was the first email address I had and has enabled my ability to send emails to improve. I learnt how to add in pictures, files and other appropriate data which is great as I now have to do it on a daily basis for university and in other aspects of my life.

is a great website as it gives detailed answers to many question, from topics in research to geography, history or politics.

gives me the ability to stay in contact with my family at home in Ireland. It makes me feel comforted to know that I can see them and join in conversations just like I would if I were still at home. It also means I can stay in contact with many of my friends who have travelled to austrailia and other countries. Leeds University Portal
Helps me to keep track of deadlines for my work, to keep in contact with my tutor and lectures if i have problems and enables me to see what is happening in the university every week through leeds for life.

not only allows me to watch all my favourite music videos but has many educational videos that help give you a better idea of topics than if you were to just read about them on paper. The videos can often put topics into perspective. Search Engines..
such as google,askme, bing and a range of others enable me to find all the relevent websites on certain topics that i am interested in or have to research. They give me a wide basis of knowlegde from how to cook certain meals, to the most recent scientific dicovery. Personal Learning Environment Vle...
allows me to look over lectures, to practice MCQ questions and to find other resources to revise from. It also gives me the ability to upload coursework and to remeber when the coursework is due. Clinical aspects of endocrinology...
give a range of sources for revision altogether and a wide variety of practise questions. Michelle Rush
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