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Intro to Academic Writing

No description

Lawrence Mills

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of Intro to Academic Writing

How Can I Write Well?
Planning and structuring
Introductions and conclusions
Summarising and paraphrasing
Should do things like:
Identify the subject
Signpost the shape of the argument/core themes
Highlight the major debates that lie behind the question/topic
Detail the central argument
Define terms/limits
Answer the question (?)
Summarise what you said
Reassess the argument and present your own interpretation of/answer to the question
match up with what you said in your introduction
present new information or new ideas

Actually answer the question, based on your considered discussion of the topic...
because of
supported by

What is your claim?
What reasons support your claim?
What evidence supports your reasons?
Do you acknowledge alternatives/complications/limitations?
If so, how do you respond to them?
Academic Writing Checklist
Answers the question
A sophisticated argument which shows logical development
Effective use of appropriate and relevant material (evidence)
Introduction and Conclusion
Demonstrate both a depth and a breadth of understanding of the topic
Show the ability to synthesise a wide range of materials
Displays a clarity of argument and expression

Planning and Structuring
Every essay should have:
An introduction
A main body with logical paragraphs
A conclusion
and a Bibliography
All academic writing is based upon either primary data or academic scholarship
We can do three things:
or Summarising
We acknowledge our sources with a reference. Many different styles, but Harvard common e.g. (Struan, 2016)
Academic Writing
University of Glasgow
Student Learning Service
Dr Andrew Struan

Class Will Cover:
Student Learning Service
Dr Andrew Struan - College of Social Sciences

Mr Todd McEwen - International Writing Adviser

Dr Robyn Marsack - Royal Literary Fund Writing Adviser
We offer:
SLS classes
Individual appointments
In-course classes
We Offer:
Tailored, specific advice on university-level learning

Subject-focused approach

Development of academic skills

Enhancement of academic writing

Essay writing

Report writing

Dissertation writing

Research skills
Paragraph Structure
The Topic sentence:
The elaborating, more specific sentence
Supporting evidence/development
Conclusion/link to the next paragraph
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