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Bluetooth based digital Notice board with display on Scrolli

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Hemanth Setlem

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Bluetooth based digital Notice board with display on Scrolli

The project aims in designing a digital notice board with display on Scrolling LED Board using a Android through bluetooth.

User can send the SMS messages to the Bluetooth modem and Microcontroller automatically reads the message that is stored in Bluetooth module and displays on Scrolling LED display.

The main purpose of the project is to share information at touch and create an eco-friendly world.

Requirements and Construction
Micro controller
Regulated power supply
Bluetooth Module
Led display
Android Mobile

Applications and Advantages
This technology can be implemented in schools, colleges, banks etc.
After accessing every message it automatically resets and indicated by LED.
Message can be displayed on notice board with a single press.
Low power consumption.
User-friendly interface.
Efficient design.
No message charges as compared with GSM.
Reduces the use of paper for Information sharing.

Range is limited to 10 meters and if we use Zigbee module the range can be extended to 1km.
Bluetooth based
Digital Notice Board

Integrating features of all the hardware components used have been developed in it. Presence of every module has been reasoned out and placed carefully, thus contributing to the best working of the unit. Secondly, using highly advanced IC’s with the help of growing technology, the project has been successfully implemented. Thus the project has been successfully designed and tested.
Rishabh Pandey
Devesh Kumar Srivastava
G. Srikanth

Under Guidance of
Ms. Ashwini

Queries ?
PIC 16f73 series Microcontroller is used because of its advantages
PIC is a family of Harvard architecture microcontrollers made by Microchip Technology
Low cost

User friendly

Easily available in market

We can reprogram it up to 1000 times

Less power consumption

Every embedded system requires dc voltage and that that will be 5v supply
We are getting 230v, 50 Hz in our house hold applications.Which can be used to operate the home appliances like T.V, cooler, fan, lights
Digital electronic devices need digital supply and we can get supply from regulated power supply block

Regulated Power supply
Block Diagram
Bluetooth is an open standard specification for a radio frequency (RF) -based, short-range connectivity technology that promises to change the face of computing and wireless communication. It is designed to be an inexpensive, wireless networking system for all classes of portable devices.

Bluetooth Module
The LED matrix and driver hardware has been reverse engineered. A hand-drawn LED driver circuit (on which the LED matrices themselves are soldered) functions by sweeping a column bit across some shift registers and toggling the appropriate row bits. If all goes well, this happens faster than the human eye can perceive.
A Programmed LED Display is connected to the Kit with RS232 Cable, and a Power cable is also connected to it from the kit.

LED Display
Future Scope
Our project “Bluetooth based digital Notice board with display on Scrolling LED Display” is intended to display and scroll a message given by the user. This system has a Bluetooth interfaced to the micro controller. The micro controller is programmed in such a way that the message written in the program will display and scrolled on the LED scrolling board.

This project can be extended using RS485, which also uses wired mechanism but the distance is far more than RS232. Also, wireless technology like Zigbee can be used.

PCB Design: Used for design of the circuitry.

PIC C: Microcontroller programming is written using this software.

PIC-kit 2: This program is used to dump / write the program on the Microcontroller.

Thank You
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