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My dream world


everett school

on 29 February 2012

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Transcript of My dream world

My dream World By: Benjamin + Julie The kids can help make the world a better place. Smart kids can help other people with homework, thin can squeeze through doors and tight spaces,strong can threaten bad guys,and others can do a lot. kids They can help other people by :
preventing bullies from hurting other people.
Care for the old.
help old ladies cross the street and othere stuff. helping other people. They will try adopting animals and pick up trash that can hurt them. They won't forget to tell hunters not to hunt the lovely wildlife! They won't even think about hurting them and some animals can hurt our world so they will kill them instead of hurting animals that dont kill their world! helping animals! Some people think that others excluding their families don't need proper attention,but they do! People will try visiting retirement homes or orphanages to give some of their love. people:what we should think First off you need food and water. So they will try helping people that dont have any water or food. There will be a special food bank a certain day of the week where they try to distribute tons of food. Ending world hunger!! :) homes and education people all over the world will have a place to stay somewhere. A school will be for the people who are poor . At home , one family will have one Ipad with special software for communicating and stuff. One special school will be a boarding school for everyone (maybe even for animals!) Employment and more homes. One problem is that people today don't have much jobs. That's why in the town square there will be people who have jobs for you with pay.A special frontier somewhere will have facualities where you can have jobs and live in. first get the animal food snd remember they hsve special kinds! if you give the animal the wrong food it could be deadly! animal food The end!!
this whole thing was by Julie B. and Benjamin .P
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