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What does AIESEC mean to me?

Travel to India

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Transcript of What does AIESEC mean to me?

By Louis-Philippe Préfontaine-Dastous The Incredible India My name is Louis, I’m from Canada, I a graduate student in Biotechnology engineering with a minor in management, and I did an internship in India for an Outsourcing Company call : Axe Bpo for 8 months. This is all because of an opportunity that was giving me by AIESEC Laval ! •The mysterious and Incredible India

Visited Cities :
Chennai, Ooty, Mumbai, Bangalore, Vellore, Tirupur, Coimbatore, Kanyakumari, Nagercoil, Malapuram, Thiruvananthapuram,
Kobalam, Leh, Delhi, Srinagar, Ambala, Manali, Amritsar, Pondicherry A new country discover: Horn, dust, pollution, temple/cathedral, religion, friends, bus, train, rickshaw, spicy food, contrast with poverty and rich people, language, cockroach
Learn how to bargain
Learn new language
How to eat with your hands
Running after the train and the bus and jump into it!
Travel alone and with friends
Learn the culture and tradition of others A new culture discover: More than a thousand calls and email sent to French forwarder and NVOCC companies
10 appointments fix only for France, more than 40 in all Europe
Help the company grow from 30 to 80 people
Building social media presence, create marketing material and work on a website
It also helping to start a joint venture with a company group in Mauritius call IBL
It is also a travel to Mauritius to give Marketing and operation training
It is creating a E-store and start to sell goods all over the world, like scarves, Alibaba pants, and fashion cloths
It is seeking any valuable opportunities for the future At work: Friend all over the world
China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, Czech, Columbia, Bolivia, USA, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Portugal, France, India, Mauritius
Creating a blog to narrate daily adventures
over 40 posts
Creating another blog to sell goods from all over the world.
Learning about international trade and fare, logistics and transportation Network: Overall: Hundreds new friends
It is leaving with cockroach for 8 months, without gaz for 4 months, without AC for 2 months, without electricity for minimum two hours every day
It is traveling every day 2 hours in the train
It is experiencing 46°C for two weeks and walking in the waters over the knees
Pushing myself beyond my comfort zone every day
Start my own adventure into the wild
Be proud of myself, know me better
For me I just live a life time of experiences.
I want to see more and I’m ready for the challenge! Leaving Québec For India
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