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8x genetics 9Ac

No description

David Gabb

on 31 October 2018

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Transcript of 8x genetics 9Ac

Your task
Write a sentence for each of these words:

Gene, DNA, Chromosome, Nucleus
I can use the keywords Chromosome, DNA, and gene

I can explain where each of these is found

I can state how many chromosomes a human has
Parts of a cell
Label the diagram of the plant and animal cell
DNA was discovered by 4 scientists. Watson, Crick, Franklin and Wikins. Find out what each scientist did and make a powerpoint slide about the discovery.

Practise the cell parts words on Quizlet
DNA Extraction lesson
We are going to remove the DNA from some fruit cells

Instructions are on 9Ac-2
DNA, Chromosomes and

Check Quizlet to see who is top
Inside the nucleus are things called choromsomes
Chromosomes are made of folded up DNA
DNA is a long set of instructions for the organism
Instructions for different characteristics are called genes
Humans have 46 chromosomes.They are 23 pairs (one from mum and one from dad)
Draw a picture to show what each word means:

Cell, nucleus, chromosome, DNA, gene
When finished: Kahoot! on cell organelles
Kahoot on cell organelles followed by Quizlet test
Learning outcomes
I can use the words DNA, chromosome, gene correctly

I can make a model to show how these 3 things are related
Cell models
Using the coloured paper and the string create a model of a cell and show where the chromosomes are and how they are made of DNA
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