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Test Driven Business Featuring Your Lean StartUp Products

Jouer à Innover avec LeanStartUP

Oana Juncu

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Test Driven Business Featuring Your Lean StartUp Products

Vision is about Conviction
Sail towerd West to reach the Indian Ocean
Taking Options
In a cloud of Uncertainties
The Outcome
An idea that worths billions
...does it really worth something for the clients I'm building it for?
2nd ACT: Prototyping
Pivot MVP
Le Choix

A - B
Transform an idea into real business with without betting on future
Make the right product
instead of
making it right
A. StartUP, d'accord, mais pourquoi "Lean" ?
Jonathan et la session
"Innover avec LeanStartUP"
B. Echuer rapidement
Session montée en mode Lean StartUP thinking
Lean: "Le dernier moment responsable" :
Lean Startup: "Décider le plus tard , livrer au plus vite !

Be Customer Feed-Back Driven
Lean : "Eliminer les gaspillage"
Lean Startup : "Minimmum Viable Product = Ne pas gaspiller pour un produit inadapté"

Lean "Laisse prendre les décisions au niveaux de ceux qui sont les plus compétents"
Lean Startup : "laisse guider la décision par ceux qui sont les plus suceptibles de savoir"
Nos clients
L'idée de millions?
...Je n'ai pas la moindre idée de comment ce produit sera utilissée !

Test Driven Business
empowering Your
Lean Startup Products
Une idée encore plus brillane
Une idée brillante
... Une super-idée!
The Lean StartUp,
Eric Reis
How could I observe client feed-back ... without intruding?
(measures are invasive...)
Identifier les voies sans issue
Release au plus tôt &
Encourager l'échec

Produit LeanStartup
Simple ... and Incomplete
"Minimum Viable Product"
Accessible Auditable Actionable
Visionary people of another kind
Merci !
A. Pourquoi "Lean" Start-Up
You cannot a
I have a
Oana Juncu, a Business DJ...
Design Thinking
L'Échec est une excellente opportunité
pour Apprendre !
cOemerge, an Agile Leanovation www.coemerge.com
Une histoire de vision
Lean StartUp it's about TDB mindset ;-)
Test Driven Business

Design Thinking
In the client's shoes...
ACTE1: Define What Matters...
And think how you will measure it !

Focus on what is valuable for your clients
...pourvu qu'on identifie vite les voies sans issue
@ojuncu http://about.me/ojuncu
cOemerge, une Lean Startup Agile
Oana Juncu
Lean : "Piloter par la valeur pour le client"
Lean Startup : "Piloter par l'identification denla valeur client "
Apprendre à quel coût?
Apprendre à moindre coût ... c'est apprendre vite!
How to Measure Everything, Douglas Hubbard
Running Lean ,
Ash Maurya
The Four Steps To Epypjany,
Steve Blank
3rd ACT : Release
Oana Juncu
Your Lean Startup MVP In The TBD Way
Product Vision , Elevator Pitch and Lean Canvas
Elevator Pitch
For (Target Customer) who has needs (),
the (product) is ( market category)
that has (key benefit). The product is ( unique difference)
Solution Focused,
The Miracle Question,
Comment le sauriez-vous?
How do you know ?
How do customers know ?
The answer will give awareness about
the impact expected "why does it matter?"
the object of measures
The Tool
The magical cheap Test Product invest little, win more, learn a lot!
Lean StartUP
New -new ideas are (market) assumptions
"TheMinimum Viable Product"
Value of service instead of level revenues
Realize what are your really VIP customer segments
Data to be measured
The "key features"
What will differenciate you?
Your "Uniqueness" , the Product DNA
The "You" that cannot be copied
Ateliers Lean UX
Your customer's "personas"
Innovation games :
Product Box,
Start Your Day,
Give Them a Hot tub, etc
Créer l'histoire de votre MVP
Measures from Why To What
The claryfing chain
The Art of Hearing Customers' Voice
Experiment ... Together With Your Early Adopters
Itération courte!
What is the Problem Your Product Solve ?
Let away your business modeling patterns, a problem can also pivot
...is the next step !

Running Lean/Lean Canvas , Ash Mayura http://spark59.com/
HowTo Measure Everything,, Douglas Hubbard
The pretotyping Manifesto http://www.pretotyping.org/home
Coaching Plain & Simple, Peter Szabo, Daniel Mayer
LeanStartupMachine http://www.leanstartupmachine.com/enterprise-lean-startup

Test Driven Business featuring Lean Startup http://oanasagile.blogspot.fr/2012/11/test-driven-business-featuring-lean.html

Creating an Innovative Product is about ...
"Measure Thinking" in 3 steps
"A way to reduce Uncertainity in a given context"
Something matters

If it matters it is detectable in some amount
If you can define that amount, it is measurable
1. Purpose :
Why it matters?
II. The object:

will be be measured?
III. The tool : How we measure?
When your Ideas' cries outloud
Core Message


Validate Problem Assumption Cheet Sheet Interview

1. What do you think are the top 3 isssues with
2. What do you think is neededso you can say
is better?
3. Would you pay for
that meet
? How and how much?
4. Would you like to stay informed?
Only Few things matter ,
And usually they matter a lot !
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