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Penny in the Dust

English Project

Christin Mahaffey

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Penny in the Dust

Penny in the Dust by: Christin Mahaffey. Literary Devices: Part II Literary Devices: Part III Characterization Repetition Hyperbole Mood Personification Motif Imagery Simile/Metaphor Irony Literary Devices: Part I blueberry barrens
sun-still fields
he raced right through the chopping where Tom Reeve was burning brush...right through the flames almost
sound asleep
laughed indulgently
shining new penny
bright as gold
an inarticulate man a little at sea with an imaginative child
quick-sprouting seeds
black drawstring pouch
flour-fine dust If I say that he worked all day long but never once had I seen him hurry, that would make him sound like a stupid man.
If I say that he never held me on his knee when I was a child and that I never heard him laugh out loud in his life, it would make him sound humorless and severe.
If I said that whenever I'd be reeling off some of my fanciful plans and he'd come in the kitchen and I'd stop short, you'd think that he was distant and that in some kind of way I was afraid of him. an inarticulate man a little at sea with an imaginative child
bright as gold
warm and soft as sleep
The sun drowsed like a kitten curled up on my shoulder
standing there like the shape of everything sound and straight, it was like daylight shredding the memory of a silly dream the sun drowsed
the dust in the road puffed about my bare ankles Love by action, not by words sad and happy Peter: imaginative, upset that he lost his penny, loves his father very much
Father: loves his son very much and just wants him to be happy, very caring when it comes to his children How could I... "Do you know you almost scared the life out of us" Exposition: Setting: Situation/Climate: Characters: Protagonist: Peter Theme: Antagonist: The emotional misunderstanding between Peter and his father. On a farm, in the morning and in the evening Peter- main character, lost his shiny new penny wen he was a little boy
Father- didn't completely know how to show his love for his son, looks all over the place for his son and keeps the penny
Sister- brings up the time that Peter lost his shiny, new penny Peter doesn't want his penny to end up in the shopkeeper's bag. He plays with his penny by burying it and digging it back up like he is finding treasure. He buries it one too many times and loses the penny. Conflict Rising Action Climax Falling Action Love can be shown without it having to be pointed out that the action was done. Tone Resolution sadness, happiness, fear, disappointment Peter loses the penny that he believes has so much fortune with it. When the family is looking for Peter, when the mom finds Peter, when the father finds the penny for Peter. The height of the story is when Peter finds the penny in the pocket of his father's good suit the day before his father's funeral. Peter now realizes that his father kept the penny because he knew that it would be just the same as buying a new car to ride around in together and finding fortune. The resolution is when Peter leaves the penny in the suit pocket because he knew what it symbolized.
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