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ePublishing, the Arab World and What's Next...

Ramy Habeeb

on 19 February 2010

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Transcript of TOC NY

What's This? TOC we are the first arabic epublishers

we have digitized over 8,000 titles

represent over 1,300 authors

Digitized over 11 million pages for
3rd parties... Censorship? On Purpose Accidental (Self) Use culture to your advantage. Problems? Distribution? International Standards BIC BISG ONIX MARC ePub Am I the Harbinger of Doom? Mobile Phone PoD ePlatforms Translation... But you know all of this already... Not how but Why? Estimated 60,000 new titles published each year throughout the Arab world – however accurate statistics are hard to come by. 60,000 titles are published every year... ISBN We thought that 55% of books published have ISBNs... We were wrong. Actually more like 90%. 60,000 new titles every year... There is a market there...

325,000 million Arabs worldwide -
120,000 of them live in this city... Crouching Tiger,
Hidden Camel? Introduce yourselves to our part of the sandbox... And think differently...
Don't Follow the Leader - Be the Leader In isolation. Tools
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