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Retrofit business model & audience adaptation

Rhetorical devices, business survey

garrett munro

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Retrofit business model & audience adaptation

"Retro-fit": A business model With Rhetorical implmentation Garrett Munro
Megan Parlowe
Alex Strobehn
Eric Ca Rhetorical Artifacts
Business Model Reconditioning of old and discarded clothes

Adujustments to make stylish Where's the Market The Big Idea
Re-enter the clothing life cycle Take clothes that would other wise be unused or disposed of Disposed clothes either end up in landfills

or 2nd-Hand Stores Garment Modification Color Alterations Retro Rescue Fit Adjustments Macro-Transformations Market Analysis * Market size (current and future)
* Market growth rate
* Market profitability
* Industry cost structure
* Distribution channels
* Market trends
* Key success factors
Key Factors Target Market Environmentally friendlies Fashionistas 2nd Hand-Store Shoppers Social Cliques "Counter-culture" "Artists" Demographics
Age 15-25 HS - College- Young Prof Urban-Suburban Supplemented/modest income "Hipsters" Convention is nonconvention Ecclectric styles Retro Internet
Lowers barriers of entry effective at targeting potential customers Campus/Show Demos Low Cost: target audience eco-friendly Our Product Low production cost Unique Recycled Demos (Under Construction) : 2nd hand purchases
or donated Production materials: Costs Dyes, fabrics, buttons, thread, etc (Biggest cost is time/man power) Each unit produced is unique Though formats will be designed for production ease Neo-Aristole Pathos
Ethos Logos Ethics "Speaker Cred" Reputation Appearance The "Word" Logic
Science Passions Heart
Emotion Website Ethos Pathos Logos
Play to Environmental initatives frame prdduct as progressive Recyclable Costumers need fullfilled Bruke: Purgation Munroe: Satisfaction Appeals to science and reason Sound, simple arguments Graphs, charts, terms argue economy, uniquess, appearance Ethics of environmentallism sell as selfless, sacrifical Hip Spokesperson/Models beautiful, professional, stylish Identification Drive Towards Action through identification/alienation Specifics People Presented Appeals to ethics through language Stirring imagry Convicing arguments Credable Sources Graph-esque presentations Medium as rhetoric Organization endorsement
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