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Copy of Celtic Creation Myths

By Caitlyn, David, and Tommy

david shalmi

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Celtic Creation Myths

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Celtic Creation Myths Who were the Celts? -second millennium B.C.
-distinct geography What is their
creation myth? Well... there isn't one Myth 1: Oran Mor Quiet—
Eternal Quiet.
Not even the sound of the restless, stirring, dark waters could be heard.
Then, a great spiraling strain of Melody moved across the endless waters. Subdued at first, then quickly gathering momentum until it reached a great crescendo. And, then, there was Life! But the Melody did not stop. It continued its song, filling all of Creation with its divine harmony.
And so it continues today,
for all those who listen. On the oak, grew a plant whose seeds were formed of the foam tears of the sea.
To sustain her, Eiocha ate the seeds,
these white berries, and they were transformed within her.
Eiocha grew heavy with child and gave birth to the god, Cernunnos. Giants
They were the gods and they ruled the universe, living in the sky, while protecting the earth.
They never stepped on earth, but during Hoarfrost, the first snow on earth, a giant came to Earth for the first time.
As he set foot on the ground, flames erupted, and all of earths great beauty was destroyed.
His body than melted and formed the earth we now know.
The forests were formed by his locks of hair.
His mammoth bones became the mountains and hills,
and his skull, the crystal blue sky. Myth 3: Hoarfrost Myth 2: Eiocha &
The Tree Creation of Cernunnos Myth 4: Cycle of the Invasions The Mythological Cycle

Throughout the Celtics early history, they were invaded by five waves of groups.
-The Partholan’s
-The Nemed’s
-The Firbolgs
-The Tuatha De Danann, or People of the god Dana.
-And finally the Milesians (Sons of Miled) from Spain) and their conquest of the People of Dana. Connection: the Celtic knots
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