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Contentious Politics

No description

Martin Devaux

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Contentious Politics

Contentious Politics Charles Tilly Sydney Tarrow Doug McAdam Contentious Politics
Study of Contentious Politics
Social Movements
Social Movements and Collective Communities
Social Movements and Institutional Politics

Contention: "People collectively make claims on other people, claims which if realized would affect those others' interests."
Contentious Politics:
Involves contention
One party is a government Political Histories Geographically/Categorically
defined social change State-oriented politics Conflict and
violence per se SOCIAL SCIENCES Political Science History Sociology Economics CONTENTIOUS

Actual problems:
- to many high specialized scholarship in different social sciences.
- Not enough links between those social sciences

Proposition: a structured synthesis, beginning with the mapping of Contentious Politics. Social Movements:

Definition: Sustained action between mighty people and others who lack might and claim they are unjustly suffering harm.
Non-violent collective movements efficient only in democracies.
Linked to an identities according to common interests.
Evolution: rises and reach a maximum intensity, and then declines.
"Inside political life".
Use of "repertoires".
Revolutions = extreme cases of social movements. Collective Communities and Social Networks

Popular politics now one of the principal sources for the construction of social identity
Rational choice? Network analysis?
"Most people can be expected to take part in collective action which is rooted in the communities from which they derive meanings and identities"
E.g. American Civil Rights Movements; Commune de Paris Social Movements and Institutional Politics

Continuity between social movements and institutional politics
Contention: one strategic choice among others
There is no group bound to be "social movement-oriented"
E.g. Front National Commune de Paris
creation of a collective community: communism Party Social Movement Closing questions:

Scope conditions to Contentious Politics?
Globalizing Contentious Politics? Anthropology Ethnology
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