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Return on Objectives

No description

Rebecca Adams

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Return on Objectives

Vital to the success of any special event is the management of key stakeholders...
event participants & spectators
host community
host organisation
suppliers & vendors
SPONSORS and partners

Sponsorship defined as ...

What can Events do to address any issues?
need to create MUTUALLY beneficial relationship
ensure their brand image and marketing activities align with their organisational goals.
Objectives of presentation
What is Return on Objectives (ROO)?
Analyse McDonald's Sponsorship of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
How can sponsors and events assess the effectiveness of sponsorship?
How can challenges identified be addressed?
Return on Objectives
Return on investment often considered gold standard for evaluating sponsorship effectiveness - there are many more benefits than just purely financial.

McDonalds has been the official restaurant and sponsor of the FIFA World Cup for the past 20 years.

2014 sees McDonalds...
introducing redesigned French Fry packaging designed for the FIFA World Cup
a new goal-kicking game app
McDonald's Player Escort program
McDonald's ultimate FIFA World Cup football fan program
range of new menu options
Researching ROO
Due to the often intangible nature of ROO most research will be qualitative.
Focus Groups
Social Media Monitoring

Firstly need to set a benchmark from before the sponsorship to measure any changes.
Return on Objectives
Unlocking sponsorship potential
provision of resources by an organisation directly to an event or activity in exchange for a direct association to the event or activity
Return on objectives is concerned with the often intangible returns sponsorship can provide such as changes with...
brand awareness
brand equity
consumer/market perceptions
brand imagery
ROO provides market intelligence
Sponsorship can serve as a powerful tool for supporting brand management objectives, two of the most common being..
increasing brand awareness
strengthening or changing brand image

Brand awareness relates to the brand recall and recognition performance by consumers.

Brand image relates to the perceptions about a brand as reflected by the brand associations held in memory.

McDonalds is one of the strongest brands for brand awareness globally.
McDonalds Brand Image
family friendly
food less than healthy
FIFA World Cup Brand Image
Family friendly
promoting an active lifestyle
McDonalds has been trying to shake the image of being unhealthy.

Recent partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation
new healthier menu options
new marketing and promotions towards kids marketing the healthier options

Sponsoring FIFA World Cup provides opportunity for brand image transference.
Literature suggests that in order for there to be an image transference there needs to be...
congruence between the events image and the sponsors image/positioning goals for their brand

Also suggests simply sponsoring an event is not enough. There also needs to be accompanying marketing and communication strategies activating and leveraging the sponsorship.
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