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No description

Hannah Kate Monthie

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of sororities

the thruth behind the four pillars image is everything scholarship service leadership friendship required study hours, hazing? study files ethical? "Women who joined sororities had lower end-of-first-year scores on all four congnitive measures than non-Greek women" all social events involve drinking 43% of sorority house residents binge drink.
(larger than the general college population) "sorority house enviornment appears to tolerate hazardous use of alcohol and other irresponsible behaviors" "'One death...takes ten thousand hours of community service to make up for the public relations aspect'" philanthropy vs. service $38,294 for st. jude (813): she is wearing lilly and pearls while drinking natty from a monogrammed coozie. if that isn't a sorosititute I don't know what is. "Sorority girls are often caught between having to conform to two different sets of standards: the unwritten codes of trends and styles within a house, and the standards that Nationals insist they are supposed to represent." pressure=eating disorders Greek Life titles with no major responsibility they are responsible for evch persons actions. a lot of time and hard work. bid day meeting secret rituals high maintenance stuck up pay for friends
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