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School Uniforms...Good Or Bad Idea

Prezi outlining the pros and cons of school uniforms

john kearney

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of School Uniforms...Good Or Bad Idea

Prezi By John Kearney School Uniform...Good Or Bad Idea? Pros Pros
Cons... +cuts down on bullying
and violence in schools
+less worry about
getting dressed in the
+instills modesty But How Does It
Prevent Bullying?
Can What You Were
Really Make You A
Target For Bullies? Ok...so it can
help cut down on
bullying...but how
can it instill
modesty?... Cons + School uniforms take
away our individuality
+ They can lead to
secteranism between
different religions
+ They can make us feel
uncomfortable in school So it can lead to sectarianism... big deal? Its not
going to cause that much trouble is it? YES to
uniforms NO to
uniforms YES AND NO I Believe The Only Way To Solve This
Debate Is To Meet Half Way... + By yes and no we mean being lenient
with the uniform policy, therefore making it more comfortable for students to wear their uniform and not causing as much complaints.
+ Yes you will still have to wear your
uniform, but you will not be forced to do
your top botton, nor will you have to
wear a plain black coat to school, you
will be able to wear your hollister or armagh hoodie instead
+Schools will offer more non uniform days throughout the year Uniforms No
Uniforms In my opinion...
the only way to
end this ongoing
is to meet half
way between the
two arguements Thank You For Listening
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