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Medalof Honor Recipients

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lib hist

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Medalof Honor Recipients

Medal of Honor By:Paul Catalano Raleigh Oxendine
Phase 3
Kyle Carpenter & Ernest Evans both showed sacrifice because they were willing to give up their lives up for something even greater, other peoples lives
Phase 4
James Stockdale and Robert Buffum both showed Sacrifice, James Stockdale became a Navy Vice Admiral and fought in the Vietnam war, and Robert Buffum sacrificed himself to destroy communication between the confederates
Phase 2
Phase 1
Both Robert Buffum & Ernest Evans led teams to help win wars, they both showed bravery.
James Stockdale showed patriotism because he slit his wrists so he could not be tortured into giving the enemy information. Kyle Carpenter showed sacrifice because he jumped in between a grenade and his comrade to block the explosion.
All these people are amazing, they did so much to help, they were loyal, brave, and strong hearted.
Why They Are Medal Of Honor Recipients
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