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Galilei Brunch Profile

No description

Hsia Kyle

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Galilei Brunch Profile

-A Place For Family & Kids- A Place For Family & Kids Galilei Brunch create a new place for Family
nice experience for dining
select food, happy times made a perfect family day!! -A Place For Family & Kids- 100% owed by 伽立略創意行銷

獨立行銷團隊/獨立維運營業 Galilei Symbols:

CI: leaves & trees
BI: Family's gathering is like a tree clustered of leaves -A Place For Family & Kids- We offer? 伽立略一號早餐 Galilei Breakfast NO.1 當日鮮配生菜/特選有機雞蛋
附上慢磨機,磨出的果汁,當日新鮮現榨、不加糖不加水,Baby都適合 -A Place For Family & Kids- 伽立略經典漢堡 Galilei Classic Burger 當日鮮配生菜/特選牛肉部位,肩肉上方後頸肉,肉質纖維較細。依標準比例加入油花粗絞製成
搭配湯種漢堡皮軟Q又扎實 -A Place For Family & Kids- 伽立略經典起司帕尼尼 本店招牌,手工義式香料湯種麵包夾上濃郁可口的進口起司
選上喜愛的餡料,以180度中温烘烤呈現外酥内軟,起司夾層口感豐富 -A Place For Family & Kids- Galilei Cheese Panini -A Place For Family & Kids- A Place For Family & Kids 食尚小玩家6月號 P88/P89 La vie來頓美味的Brunch 食尚小玩家6月號 P90/P91 [一生一定要帶孩子去的50間超推薦餐廳]P18 食尚小玩家6月號 聯合報美食報導 Taipei Walker4月號[起也要悠閒早午餐] 壹週刊577期的報導 Toy Day hanks!!
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