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Grocery List By: Sam Post

Director's Concept

Allison Monaco

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of Grocery List By: Sam Post

Grocery List
Marriage does not erase individuality.
Do not settle for monotony, always question why we do things and we we are stuck in our routines if they do not make us happy
Inciting Incident:
Why is the Play Compelling?
What we see is a man, significant in years, finally taking initiative and not settling for his life anymore. He just happens to be starting with a grocery list which is what makes this big question of life funny and moving and thought provoking.
Comedy, Absurd, and Existential
World of Scene
Mid to late 1960s.
Pop art, condensed, and bright colors and drab characters.
The house of Dr. and Mrs. Gimple.
Uneasy, Annoying, Sarcastic
Universal Truth Revealed
Humans are not meant to settle or be confined.
Predominant Element
The characters are what add the drama and comedy to this very small task of creating a grocery list.
Director's Concept
By: Sam Post
Dr. and Mrs. Gimple are composing a grocery list. Dr. Gimple decides he wants to eat different things, things he usually doesn't like.
Dr. Gimple says he all of a sudden likes yogurt.
Dr. Gimple asks for yogurt, fish, fruit, beans and other foods he normally does not like. He talks about a patient that was strange, and maybe he should see someone.
Mr. Gimple takes the list and makes changes until he begins changing everything around him.
Soup Cans
Pop Art
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