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Matt Lucas

on 12 March 2014

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20th Century Literature
Matt Lucas

"The River Merchant's Wife" Relation
The "River Merchant's Wife" is influenced by the events of the time period, and by the new techniques of the time. The woman not seeing her husband, who is away on business, can also be related to World War I. During 1914, the year the poem was written, many women were missing their husbands who were being sent to fight.
"Mending Walls" Relation
"Mending Walls" used some new Twentieth Century techniques, and the poem is also influenced by the events going on at the time. The fence between the neighbors is a symbol of hostility. During 1914, World War One was just beginning, and this poem represents the hostility of the time. "Mending Walls" uses blank verses which was a new technique during the time period.
"Mending Walls"
By Robert Frost
"The River Merchant's Wife"
By Ezra Pound
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