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What Year

No description

Mr. Parke

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of What Year

What Year?
The Parties
In this presidential election there was a thrird party that we do not have now, and it is the People's parties. And in 1892 they had the Democratic and Republic parties.
Who Was In The Election
The three main candidate were Grover Cleveland,(Democratic) Benjamin Harrison,(Republican) and James B. Weaver.(People's)
Electoral Votes
The number of Electoral votes for Grover Cleveland was 277.Benjiman Harrison has 145 votes, and James B. Weaver had 22.
Popular Votes
The number of popular votes for Benjamin Harrison was 5,176,108. The number of votes for James B. Weaver was 1,027,329. And Grover Cleveland had 5,556,918.
Issues that people during the 1892 faced included farming issues and homestead steel strike.
Facts About The Candidates
Cleveland Grover first (and only) president to win two non- consecutive terms
Benjamin Harrison's grandfather was president William Henry Harrison. Also he was born in Ohio
James B. Weaver was born in Ohio.And was in the Republic, Democratic, People's, and the Greenback parties.
What Was The People's Party
"People's party was known as the Populist party.They represent the common folk—mostly farmers—against the entrenched interests of railroads, bankers, processes, corporations, and the politicians in league with such interests."
What Is The Greenback Party
The Greenback is most commonly know as the Independent Party.They had an anti-monopoly ideology and went into action between 1874 and 1889.
This is about the presidential election that happened in 1892. There was three different parties
Who Were Vice Presidents For Candidates
By Ashley
Grover Cleveland's running mate was Adlai E. Stevenson I. James B. Weaver's was James G. Field, and Benjamin Harrison's vice president was Whitelaw Reid.
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