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Lord of the Flies Critical Essay

No description

YT Lim

on 20 March 2016

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies Critical Essay

Initial Findings
Initial Findings
Research Topic & Question
(2016). Retrieved 15 February 2016, from http://www.hccfl.edu/media/724354/archetypesforliteraryanalysis.pdf

In Lord of the Flies, i., & amy-lepore,. (2009). In Lord of the Flies, if Ralph is a tragic hero what is his flaw? - Homework Help - eNotes.com. eNotes. Retrieved 15 February 2016, from http://www.enotes.com/homework-help/lord-flies-ralph-tragic-hero-what-his-flaw-64599

(2016). Retrieved 15 February 2016, from http://www.bisd303.org/cms/lib3/WA01001636/Centricity/Domain/593/10th%20english%20Fall/C%20-%20The%20Tragic%20Play/Antigone.Medea/Definition%20of%20Tragic%20Hero.pdf

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prezi.com,. (2016). The Hero's Journey in Lord of the Flies. Retrieved 15 February 2016, from https://prezi.com/vkp-9hgeiyq4/the-heros-journey-in-lord-of-the-flies/
Thesis: Ralph accurately portrays the role of a Tragic Hero in Lord of the Flies through being a hero, possessing elements of tragedy, and fulfilling Aristotle's characteristics of a Tragic Hero.
How does Ralph qualify as a hero?
What is the tragic element of Ralph's being a tragic hero?
Does Ralph possess the characteristics of the classic tragic hero as explained by Aristotle?
How does Ralph accurately portray the role of the Tragic Hero in Lord of the Flies?
Ralph: The Tragic Hero in Lord of the Flies
Scope/Method of Research:
Ralph's qualifications as a hero
Define a hero
How has Golding's idea of a hero deviated from the traditional hero?
To what extent does Ralph show characteristics of a basic hero, and how does he ideal for Golding's version of a hero?
The presence of tragedy in Ralph
How did he turn out in the end?
What is his fatal flaw?
How Ralph identifies with Aristotle's traits of the tragic hero
Peripeteia (the reversal of fortune)
Anagnorisis (the moment of realization)
Oxford's Dictionary: typically a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
The Hero With A Thousand Faces, a book by Joseph Campbell, explores the Hero's Journey, a path of plot archetypes that heroes will normally undertake in mythologies. However, it is applicable to Ralph as well.
Despite this, Golding has a different concept of a hero, with the theme of Lord of the Flies being how everyone has an innate evil in them; Ralph is one of the only characters who manage to resist savagery and endured within a harsh environment, thus proving himself to be a hero.
Ralph's "ending" is suitably tragic; he ends up persecuted by the savage boys and almost gets killed by them
His fatal flaw (hamartia) is his confidence that the boys would do the morally right thing. For example, he expects the boys to pull their own weight in the attempt to get rescued and in survival on the island.
Peripeteia (the reversal of fortune) takes place when Jack finally seizes control of leadership from Ralph completely
Anagnorisis (the moment of realization) often happens before Peripeteia
Advanced Literature Critical Essay
Lord of the Flies

Lim Yi Tian (17) 308'16
Future steps to be done:
To find out in greater detail whether Ralph's progression through Lord of the Flies ties in with the Hero's Journey
To be able to explain in better eloquence what Golding's ideal 'hero' is like (as seen through Ralph)
To discover more of Ralph's flaws and how this ties in with Aristostelian tragic heroes
To search for more possible standards of Tragic Heroes (other than Aristotle's) to compare Ralph to
To learn about mroe instances of peripeteia and agnorisis if present
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