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Taylor Swift & the Guitar

By: Madison Crichton

Madison Crichton

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Taylor Swift & the Guitar

Taylor Swift
& the Guitar

By Madison Crichton Biography Taylor Swift grew up in Wyomissing,Pennsylvania She began pursuing a career in
country music at the age of ten.

She became obsessed with the guitar after a computer repairman taught her three chords at the age of twelve Taylor Swift and her family
moved to Nashville, Tennessee when she was fourteen so she could further pursue her musical
career Taylor Swift with her mom ...her dad ... and her brother Austin Beginning her career After moving to Nashville
Taylor Swift wrote music with
Troy Verges
Brett Beavers
Brett James
Mac McAnally
The Warren Brothers
She mostly wrote music with Liz Rose. Taylor Swift was one of the
first artists to be signed to
Big Machine Records at the
age of fifteen. Taylor Swift worked with Big Machine Records
and recorded her first album - self titled 'Taylor Swift' - the album - was very successful 'Taylor Swift' the album The album had 5 singles
Tim McGraw
Teardrops on My Guitar
Our Song
Picture to Burn
Should've Said No These singles were on multiple
country billboard charts

Teardrops on My Guitar reached
number thirteen on Billboard top 100

'Our Song' made Taylor Swift the
youngest person to write a number 1
country song The album sold 5,500,000
copies worldwide Taylor Swift toured for her album

Also opening for many country music acts Taylor Swift also came out with a Christmas Album
and an EP called 'Beautiful Eyes' Fearless Taylor Swift released her second studio album 'Fearless' in November of 2008

'Fearless' had 5 singles
Love Story
White Horse
You Belong With Me
Fearless 'Fearless' was number one
on Canada's album chart 'Fearless' was on top of Billboard 200 'Fearless' was the longest album by a
female country artist to be in the charts 'Fearless' won 'Album of the year'
and 'Best Country Album'
at the 52nd Grammy Awards Speak Now 'Speak Now' Taylor Swift's third studio album was released October of 2010

'Speak Now' is the first of Taylor Swift's albums that is entirely written by herself. The Album had six singles
Back to December
The Story of Us
Sparks Fly
Ours 'Mine' became 2x platinum in the US

'Sparks Fly' and 'Ours' became number
one on the US country charts. After the 'Speak Now World Tour'
Taylor Swift came out with a live CD
and DVD documenting the tour Red 'Red' is Taylor Swift's fourth studio album and was released in October of 2012

'Red' has five singles so far
-'We Are Never Getting Back Together'
-'Begin Again'
-'I Knew You Were Trouble'
-"State of Grace' Guitar The End Thanks for watching String Instruments were created in the 12th Century
and were mainly used in Europe.
The oldest human knowledge of string instruments is
4,000 years old. 'We Are Never Getting Back Together' was a number one single on Us Billboard Hot 100.

'Begin Again' sold 299,000 digital copies. Ancestors Ancestors of the guitar consist of bowl harps and tanburs Around 2500 CE more advanced harps were becoming popularized, such as the opulently The Oldest Guitar This is the oldest preserved guitar.
It was buried with Egyptian Singer Har-Mose
This instrument had three strings strung on
cedarwood. The Modern Day Guitar The guitar is strung with 6 either nylon or steel strings
It can be played by strumming or plucking

Electric guitars rely on amplifiers to produce their noise,
while acoustic guitars can be heard without any. At the top of the guitar is the headstock,
which is where the pegs/tuning keys are. Further down is the neck, also the fret boards.
this is where the player will put their fingers, to
change the pitch of the instrument. Then the body, this is where the player will strum
or pluck the strings, over the sound hole. Finally, the bridge, where the strings end
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